Area Leadership

Area Leader Email
Pacific Northwest     
Dan Guenther
Big Sky Daniel Miller
Great Plains Mike Amiot 
Great Lakes Jeff Alexander
Northeast Stefanie Chappell 
Southeast Mario Solari
South Central Eric Treuil 
West Coast Jeremy Anderson


Chi Alpha is a national organization of Campus Ministries organized into 8 geographical Areas and 61 AG Districts (48 geographic and 13 language).  Each Area is made up of three or more Districts.  Each District is served by a District Chi Alpha Leader who oversees multiple local campus ministries which are student, church, or missionary led.  

The Area Director implements and promotes national Chi Alpha long-standing programs and initiatives throughout the district councils of a given area.  Chi Alpha’s long term goal is to have each Area served by a full-time representative; however, it also makes provision for Area representatives to function in a dual role as Area/District Director or Interim AD.

Area Representatives have four key areas of responsibilities:

  1. Assist with the development of local Campus Ministries
  2. Resource District Leaders
  3. Execute an Area Operational Plan
  4. Advance the National Movement


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