As a student at Plymouth State College (now University), Eric Lovejoy came to faith in Christ through Chi Alpha Campus Ministries. He graduated in 1992 with his BA in Business and Political Science, then his Master of Divinity from Assemblies of God Theological Seminary in 1996. That same year, he returned to Plymouth State to become the Chi Alpha campus pastor, a position he has held ever since. He and his wife Sarah (also a Plymouth State Chi Alpha alumna) have been married since 1994, and are the proud parents of their adopted children who keep them busy when they’re not on campus.

The Lovejoys.
The Lovejoys

Eric shares his testimony and his experiences as a Chi Alpha missionary.

Share how you came to Christ.

Eric: I met Dave Owens, the Chi Alpha campus missionary at the time, in the parking lot on move-in day on my first day of school. It was his first day on campus with students. He helped me move in. Dave came to my dorm room several times during the year to talk to me. He asked me lots of questions about me and then he would ask if he could pray for me. Later he introduced me to reading a verse of scripture and then we would talk about it. But it wasn’t until my junior year when my Grandmother died that I realized my need for Jesus. That’s when I started going to Chi Alpha meetings. The enthusiasm of the students really impressed me. I learned more about Jesus from them. It was because of Pastor Dave Owens and the students of Chi Alpha that I opened my heart to God and revived my salvation.

How did you end up in the position of leading Plymouth State Chi Alpha?

Eric: When I was at seminary, Pastor Dave moved to Washington, D.C. The board of pastors who oversaw Chi Alpha at PSU called me and asked if I would be interested in coming back to be the new Chi Alpha missionary there. God had been preparing my heart and calling me to this position so I said yes.

How has campus ministry changed since you were a student?

Eric: A lot has changed and a lot is still the same. For example, we used to use transparencies and now we use PowerPoint to project our worship songs, but the worship is still very much the same.

What are the current challenges and opportunities you experience to the current generation of students?

Eric: This current generation is mostly unchurched which is a challenge but they are also very “spiritual” so this opens opportunity to share Jesus with them.

How can Chi Alpha Alumni best support your efforts at PSU?

The best way for alumni to support us is through prayer and joining our financial team by making a monthly faith promise at

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