Last year was my first year on campus at the University of Iowa and I had barely given any thought or time to feedONE, Convoy of Hope’s children’s feeding program and Chi Alpha’s compassion arm. With hardly any notice at all, we launched our feedONE month in April that began with a simple dinner for all the students and watched The Waiting List documentary.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room of 20 students. Without even asking to receive a donation that night, three students asked how they could give. I was incredibly shocked to see every single student give at the end of the month, even those who had only come to Chi Alpha twice. Five of those students became campus ambassadors for feedONE. 

In a short time, feedONE has shown our students what it looks like to take action and be a part of something that is so much bigger than themselves or the local campus. I’ve begun to see a transformation in the students’ hearts already as feedONE has opened the door to see the world around them.


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