I have communicated broadly regarding the prophetic word that began to come forward in May 2016, that we were about to witness the greatest student awakening in history. Along with Chi Alpha, Charisma as well as Fox News have reported on the awakening. Part of this prophetic word is that this will be a student awakening of Kingdom power. A review of earlier awakenings in the U.S.A. reveals that they were marked by supernatural manifestations. I anticipate a fresh, supernatural move of God on the secular university and that Chi Alpha will be in the center of it.

We are currently witnessing a move of God accompanied by supernatural manifestation in Chi Alpha. At a recent fall retreat for Central Valley Chi Alpha in California, forty-eight verifiable healings were reported! At the fall retreat for the University of Texas-San Antonio and Texas A&M, more than one hundred students were baptized in water. These are not isolated instances. From the Northeast to the Southwest we are experiencing the Holy Spirit of God moving in significant ways. Virginia Tech University Chi Alpha reports this past semester thirty-one students came to faith in Jesus and at least ten were baptized in the Holy Spirit! This is from a single campus.

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is actively preparing for revival and awakening, and they too are experiencing a move of God. Last academic school year, IVCF reported the greatest number of salvations in the ministry’s history!

We are ministering in historic times on the secular university. We are in the nascent stages of awaking today on campus. The secular university will not be won to Christ through keen argumentation and adroit planning alone. To reach the secular university requires a supernatural move of God that transcends the natural mind; it requires awakening. Will you please pray with me and Chi Alpha Nation for a continued unprecedented move of God on all campuses this semester and join us on February 28, 2019 for the Collegiate Day of Prayer!


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