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Ravi Zacharias passed away from cancer on May 19, 2020 at age 74.
(Image from RZIM.)

Today we have lost a mighty warrior of the gospel of Jesus and His church. Ravi Zacharias was a friend of Chi Alpha and a friend of campus ministry. His ardent support of Chi Alpha was and is exhibited in his investment in our ministry through the training of our leaders and students, as well as on campus partnerships with us in reconciling students to Christ.

In all my personal interactions with Ravi, he was always supportive of Chi Alpha and spoke life and blessing over our movement. He was appreciative of our work and he made it clear, the mission of RZIM was to serve us and Jesus.

His acumen was prepotent and argumentation skills insuperable. The ministry he brought to the campus was never about him; it was always about Jesus, his love and concern for students, and his love and concern for the campus ministries he would come to serve. I have never questioned Ravi’s pursuit of the authentic gospel and his deep appreciation of what Jesus had done for him personally.

Today we celebrate the life of a wonderful man of God!

Read Ravi’s obituary here.

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