To provide direct support raising coaching to Chi Alpha missionaries to budgetary health according to national best practices, in a part time capacity.  This position can transition (or be available) as a full-time position.


  • Serve on the National Support Raising Coaches Team
  • Maintain a working relationship with the National Support Raising Specialist and Personnel Director
  • Be available to coach two to four missionaries a month as a part-time coach (approximately a four to six hour per week commitment).
  • Attend annual Support Raising Coaches Training and online trainings throughout the year
  • Communicate regularly with leadership regarding progress of those being coached


  • Become trained and certified as a Support Raising Coach
  • Chi Alpha experience
  • Chi Alpha Career Associate or Full Appointment status
  • CMIT or equivalent
  • Ability to raise and maintain healthy budget
  • Demonstrate skill to communicate, track and do follow-through with each missionary you coach
  • Recommendation and approval of the Area and District Director

For more information contact: Gregg Glutting at gdglutting@icloud.com or Jeff Alexander at jalexander@ag.org.

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