The primary function of this position is to lead the Chi Alpha communications team in the development of internal communications and external marketing strategies. This position is located at the National Chi Alpha Ministry Center in Springfield, MO.

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Job Duties

  1. Directs communications and marketing efforts toward key stakeholders and targeted personas ensuring proper alignment with national initiatives and objectives.
  2. Leads the communications team and ensures proper priorities and distribution of tasks according to departmental communications goals.
  3. Meets weekly with communications team members to check in on the status of communications team projects and personal well-being of team members.
  4. Takes the lead on new initiatives and projects requested by the national Chi Alpha team and local missionaries to ensure buy-in.
  5. Managing editor of all publications and communications. Oversees and approves all publications and communications developed by the communications teams.
  6. Oversees our national website, Determines primary audiences and informational artistic development.
  7. Drives the development of all Chi Alpha brand promotion and advertisement. Oversees the design, feel, and production of new Chi Alpha product.
  8. Develops and manages execution of promotional plans for national Chi Alpha events.
  9. Directs the production of and manages the follow through of social media networks and presences.
  10. Manages the annual Communications and Marketing budget for each fiscal year.
  11. Supervises all audio and visual aesthetics at national Chi Alpha events. Liaison with production companies for national Chi Alpha events.
  12. Liaison with AGUSM Marketing and Church Ministries.
  13. Travel to events as needed.
  14. Other duties as assigned by the Senior Director or Operations Director.
  15. Strict adherence to the time and attendance policies of the national office.

Personality Characteristics

  1. Decision-Making Skills: Evaluates efforts of tasks, duties, projects, people and/or resources. Determines causes of events, passes judgment and forms opinion. Decides and settles authoritatively any changes that need to be made. Makes up their mind about how to solve a problem. Does not allow self to be changed, altered, modified, or varied without good reason. Cautious. Uses good judgment to carefully make decisions. Makes sound judgments. Thinks clearly and logically. Sensible. Does not act too hastily or without due consideration. Is not foolhardy, impetuous or reckless, making rash decisions heedless of consequences.
  2. Follow-Through: Watches the movements and course of own job duties and projects, as well as assignments delegated. Keeps up with tasks and understands subsequent events that happen. Carries out all duties fully, to a conclusion, taking subsequent action as needed.
  3. Initiative: Ready and able to initiate action. Begins actions without having to be told to do so. Able to make, form, conceive, and visualize original thoughts and expressions that can produce original, clever, imaginative, and resourceful products, services, policies, procedures and/or solutions. Introduces new methods, changes, or variations.
  4. Planning: Has good, predetermined, prepared methods of doing or proceeding with tasks, job duties, and projects by formulating an order, outline, layout, strategy, steps, and policies formulated beforehand. Takes care in and preparing for the future by looking forward, anticipating, and forecasting. Does not leave things to chance and is not impulsive.
  5. Supervisory Skills: Prepares the way for others. Influences and induces others. Shows others the way and then directs the movement and course of their actions. Is able to judge, act, and command. Is an accepted source of information. Is not a slave driver. Realistic. Views things as they really are. (See also personality characteristics such as Budget Management, Decision-Making, Delegator, etc.)
  6. Verbal Communication: Interchanges thoughts, information, and feelings orally.
  7. Written Communication: Interchanges thoughts, information, and feelings in writing.

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