Join thousands in the Collegiate Jesus Fast for the forty days leading up to the Collegiate Day of Prayer for revival and awakening.

Loyola University New Orleans is a small, diverse, eclectic, Catholic, Jesuit, private liberal arts university in the middle of New Orleans.

Chi Alpha is currently planted on campus with a director in his first year leading the group and a CMIT on staff. Currently the group is looking for a female staff lead to help oversee some the responsibilities of the ministry and help to advance the cause of Christ on campus. Ideal qualities are as follows:

  • Willing to make a minimum 3 year commitment.
  • A women who has a track record for making disciples.
  • Someone who is highly committed and available to mission of Chi Alpha at Loyola.
  • An individual with XA or ministry experience in any setting similar to Loyola.
  • A woman with a heart for racial reconciliation and diversity.


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