Student Testimony: Klarissa Guzman

Posted by The National Chi Alpha Ministry Center in Chi Alpha Connection
I grew up in a family that went to church on Sunday but didn’t follow the Christian lifestyle. My mother had anger issues and my father drank excessively, so I was a troubled kid. I also drank, took pills, cut, stopped believing in the Lord, and even participated in other religions like Wicca and Islam. Peer pressure made me feel more lost than ever when I graduated high school, so going into college life and being an adult seemed impossible.…

A Place to Meet with God

Posted by Gary Paschal in Chi Alpha Connection
During my freshmen year in college, I was persuaded to attend my first retreat with Chi Alpha. This retreat provided me with an atmosphere for extended times of worship that allowed me to go deep into loving Jesus and yield to the flow of the Holy Spirit without my daily distractions. That was many years ago, but the encounter I had then drastically challenged and changed my life forever. It is because of that encounter that makes me a strong…

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