Summit Prophetic Words

Below you can read prophetic words that were submitted during The World Missions Summit 4, January 4-6, 2017.

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MA- University of Notre Dame/IUSB

This word was given to me Tuesday and again on Wednesday as we were interceding for the Diversity stuff. Zechariah 9:11-17 Be prisoner of hope. In verse12 because as you continue being a prisoner of hope verse 16 is a reward.

I'm more than sure it wasn't for just the few in that room but for the entire attendees of the conference, for this generation.

Again God emphasized that in Genesis 37: 9 Joseph was able to dream again; he had more than one dream so for anyone whose dream has delayed, stagnated or seemed lost. This awakening will help us to dream God's dreams again. God bless you all.


Chi Alpha across the USA is arguably the most diverse movement within the Assemblies of God. At this point in our history as a mission we have not had many people of color sent forth in cross-cultural mission. I believe that part of the great student awakening that God is speaking to us about will include people of color being sent forth by the church which has a mission sending tradition, which is primarily Anglo, and at the same time this new generation of missionaries from diverse cultural backgrounds will be speaking into their own church traditions that as of yet do not have strong sending traditions to not only send them to work among the unreached peoples, but to send the Anglo missionaries of the present and future as well. I see Chi Alpha as the lightning rod of a revival that draws our movement together across cultural divides to unite in God's mission to take the Gospel to the nations so that our entire movement participates in sending everyone no matter what their bkg is.


University of Memphis

I want to share something that happened this week in TWMS. I am from Ecuador. When I was 7 years old I went to a VBS and a missionary presented me a new friend named Jesus. I accepted him in my heart!. I never saw the missionary again. A year later, my parents started going to church and they converted as well. 7 years ago our church in Ecuador sended us on a mission to Memphis, My parents planted a church 1 year ago and now they are pastors of a church in Bartlett, TN. When I went to college I was introduced to Chi Alpha. Talking with one of our Pastors, she told me that she knew the missionary who planted the seed in my heart. On Friday, I went to the LAC at the WMS and for my surprise one of the missionaries there was the missionary who presented Jesus to me when I was a little girl. We talked and he prayed for me. I am so glad I got to see him. Now he saw how that little girl was an instrument to bring her whole family to Christ and now I am called to missions!


University of Virginia

"Serving God is not a matter of location, but a matter of obedience" -Nik Ripken, Insanity of God


University of Montana Western

The Lord has made it clear that he wants me to be serving in missions my whole life! He wants me to help so many unreached people through his love and teachings! Coming from an atheist background, finding the Lord was truly amazing and no one can tell me he isn't alive in me!!! I will not do things for myself anymore as everything I do has to be glorifying God at all times!


Edinboro University

The last night of TWMS I was baptized in the Holy Spirit after seeking it for almost a year. Later in the service I had the opportunity to pray with four other girls individually and they all received the baltism of the Holy Spirit and began speaking in their prayer languages that same night too.


University of Houston

I see us as a generation storming into the darkness with our torches of light shunning bright. Not just a few of us at a time, but as a whole. We are all soldiers with no fear, wearing the full armor of God:
Belt of truth
Breastplate of righteousness
Shoes of the Gospel of peace
Shield of faith - to entinguish the fire arrows
Helmet of salvation
Sword of the Spirit

Just like the Roman armies, we will not break our ranks. We will not falter when the enemy comes. We will push back the darkness until it is completely gone. Withholding nothing, we fight with all our strength, for we know when we fight we will win the lost and unreached.


University of Houston

Jonah 1:1-2
Now the word of the Lord came unto Jonah the sin of Amittal, saying "Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city, and cry against it; for their wickedness has come before me."

We all know what happened. Jonah fled and God got him (Jonah 1:17) and sent him back to Nineveh (Jonah 3:2). Try as you might, you cannot flee God's calling on your life. God sends us to the darkest corners of the world, like when He sent Jonah to Nineveh. That is because the darkest corners of the world need Jesus the most.


Sam Houston State University

Thursday morning, during prayer for the nations the Lord gave me a picture that keeps pressing on my mind. As I prayed, I saw a birds-eye view of Israel with a covering over it that was very, very thick and solid, yet clear. And it had been smashed on the surface, such as if a sledgehammer had been swung at a large block of ice, leaving the surface dented and crushed where it hit. Much of the covering was unharmed, but slowly it is being crushed.


Kansas State University

On the last night of TWMS, as I was in the front singing & worshipping the Lord I was filled with the Holy Spirit. I began to weep & speak in tongues. It felt different than any other time as the inside of my body began to feel as though it was on fire. I slightly opened my eyes & seen a guy in front of me with his hand over his eyes & in that instant God told me to put my hand on him. I didn't know why but I did. As I did he fell to his knees. I continued to pray louder & weeped harder. Moments later, the two of us were surrounded by a group of others with hands on each surrounding individual pouring their hearts into us. That moment will forever change my life. I thank the Lord for using my body as a vessel to reach ones I don't even know.

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