Summit Prophetic Words

Below you can read prophetic words that were submitted during The World Missions Summit 4, January 4-6, 2017.

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What I felt God telling me to share was about the relationships we start with the people we spread the gospel to. This is what I've been thinking and hearing lately.

People don't care about what we know, until they know how much we care.


Missouri State

I wanted to share part of my WMS testimony. The second day at the first breakout session, I attended the Holy Spirit class. Towards the end, the speakers opened it up for people who wanted to receive the Holy Spirit for the first time. I took a step forward, crushing any doubt or fear that had been strangling my voice for Christ, and I was finally filled with a boldness I hadn't experienced before. Within moments, I felt the rise of a greater being filling me, and I began speaking in tongues. I fell to the ground weeping and singing in tongues as I was filled with the thankfulness and the realization of the trueness of God's spirit. The language of my heart was manifested in that moment as God gave me this beautiful gift. God used my baptism in his spirit as confirmation that I was to be sent as one of his warriors to fight for lost hearts in all the nations.


Angelo State University

I had tried planning 2 separate mission trips that both ended up falling through but I knew I still wanted to do a mission trip

The very first time I heard: "Give a year, pray about a lifetime" God immediately turned the switch in my head that this was my calling in life. I didn't know where he wanted me when I committed to give a year but when I went to turn in my card, I dropped to my knees at the alter begging God to show me a path and this song came into my mind:

"You can have it all Lord
Every part of my world
Take this life and breathe on
This heart that is now yours"

This song always reminds me that my life isn't my own and I should be living by God's will and not my own and to stop making excuses for my life and start serving the Lord.

After praying and seeking his will during this trip and walking around each country, God placed Cambodia on my heart.

I have decided I am done making excuses for my life and giving God control and giving him all the glory.


Angelo State University

Last night during a meal with a missionary I had the opportunity to speak with one of our missionaries about some of the struggles they face. After she answered my question I felt compelled to ask what struggles their children face (MKs). She replied and told me how their children struggle with being torn from their lives in the US and places in a foreign country. Instantly God reminded me of this verse:

Exodus 17:12 Where Aaron And Hur held up the arms of Moses as he grew weary.

So to my fellow PKs and all who read this I challenge this, as we pray for our missionaries let us remember their children. And for a certain MK I have this word for you. I don't know who you are but God says you too will see the fruits of you parents labor, do not despair or grow weary. The struggles are hard but the eternal reward outweighs the current discomfort.


Purdue University

I feel as though God is encouraging me to share some information and experiences that may help others in their fight to complete Gods mission. My first challenge has come early as the man I have loved for 3 years told me I ask too much of him to wait for me to serve our Lord for a year. He left me, and I have never felt such sadness and such peace as our Father holds my broken heart to him. If you are facing this, as hard as it may be, follow Gods orders for he will be with you through the pain and He has a plan for you that you do not yet know.
My other word is from a childhood experience. We lost a girl to a car wreck and the words that comforted my small town may be of comfort to those who fear the risks of missionary work. Dying is a gift. We do not die until we have accomplished what He has sent us to this world to do. Our job is done. We get to return to the most beautiful home and palace that we could hope for. So fear not and do His will. It will be worth it no matter the end


University of Memphis

During the worships over the first two days, God made his presence felt in the room and I could tell he was touching so many spirits. When I felt his power, it reassured me that even through our darkest times he still loves us and won't stop pursing us as long as we keep our faith in him. He also reassured me that I'm definitely called to missions. During the alter call on the last night, I felt this void within me but I didn't know what it was. It was then that God hinted me to repent my struggles and fears to him and this broke me down more than any other moment in my life. I bowed in his presence and laid it all out to him in prayer with a pool of tears and after a friend from Austin Peay came over and prayed over me, the Lord filled me with a sense of peace.
If you are at a place where you're struggling with anything, know that Jesus is always waiting.


Indiana University Alum

Millennials are going to change the world.

The media has been releasing thing after thing about how millennials don't do things the way that their predecessors did. About how, in living, they seek community situations. How, in work, they seek jobs that bring fulfillment over the American Dream. How every job they do, they want it to have an impact on the world.

And those are not all Christians. Believers and non-believers have that call to impact the world and exist in community. Just imagine how much deeper we'll be able to go if we bring those people who are honestly just seeking missions to God, so they can actively pursue the calling on their life. They haven't yet received Jesus, and yet they are searching for their field. Give them purpose and focus by leading them to God.


Chadron State College. Chadron, Ne

I know we are supose to be sharing a prophetic word, but I want to share a testimony. Last night after all the students were done being prayed over and we were about to close in pray, I was truely baptized in the Holy Spirit. I scream "JESUS!" It felt like I screamed with all my might and all my breath. While I was screaming JESUS, I fell forward like I was bowing to HIM. It was truely the Holy spirit because I was aware of everything that was happening around me, but I had no control of my body. I truely felt delivered and tranformed afterward. I had joy and peace like no other. God moved me at TWMS4!


University of Virginia

I just realized that with all the delayed flights, we all suddenly have an opportunity to be in an airport longer --to be around people from all over the world!!!
Hey! That's what we just were anointed to do-share the Gospel with people via the power of the Holy Spirit. This is divine appointment, that God would bring people from another nation to hear the Gospel.

Note: Atlanta airport is one of the biggest airports in the country, with connecting flights from all over the world.



This week I have been dealing with back pain from scoliosis. In prayer Jesus asked me to think about the kind of pain I was experiencing. The pain made it hard to breath and felt like being choked. He said to me "you believe in my miracles, you pray for miracles for others, but you don't think I will give you a miracle." He showed me the doctors I put my faith in and trusted to heal me. He said to me "going on this way will lead to death, I love you my daughter and I want to heal you, ask and you will be healed." As I rose to my feet the pain I had for four years was completely gone. Jesus put on my heart that there were people who don't trust him as the one true healer. In the gospel it says "ask and it shall be given" he wants to heal what breaks us, he wants to break our chains. All He asks is that we fully surrender to Him and trust nothing more than Him. In the same way he breaks our chains He will break the chains that keep the nations in bondadage. It starts with us, we need Him.


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