Summit Prophetic Words

Below you can read prophetic words that were submitted during The World Missions Summit 4, January 4-6, 2017.

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The University of Memphis

God is raising an army of chain breakers. We are meant to be an unmovable force, changing the course of our schools, cities, and nations by changing the hearts of God's People. It starts with us, in Houston, at TWMS4. I encourage everyone attending, go ready and willing to encounter God in ways you never have before, and to leave ready to present his love to the world. This is the time to change yourself for the betterment of his kingdom. We worship a God of many great wonders and many great works. It's time to represent that, with the most open heart possible, to all people.


National Chi Alpha Ministry Center

When visiting Houston for a site visit in 2016 while praying for the Summit God showed me a huge dome over the city of Houston. In the Spirit I could see this dome keeping out demonic distractions and creating the perfect environment for students to encounter Jesus.

We know that the thousands of hours of prayer that have been sacrificially invested into this historic event will create the perfect atmosphere for God to accomplish His work. From the very first moment we begin to worship and invite the Holy Spirit's manifest presence, there will be a tangible anointing like many have never encountered. The opening night students will be set free from addictions, radically saved, and baptized in the Holy Spirit!

E. Scott Martin

Senior National Director, Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, U.S.A.

We're about ready to see the Greatest Student Awakening in history and The World Missions Summit will be a precursor to this great student awakening. We will see an outpouring of the Spirit at The World Missions Summit in a way that we've never seen in Chi Alpha before.


Sam Houston State University

I had a word on my heart that the Spirit gave me saying there will be a German guy who needs healing in some way, no specific situation.


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