Summit Prophetic Words

Below you can read prophetic words that were submitted during The World Missions Summit 4, January 4-6, 2017.

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Shortly after that last service I found myself at the piano in the Hilton where there was a man who we'll call Arkansas. This guy was incredibly gifted and anointed. He had attracted a crowd who began to worship. It was raw and beautiful. As I was praying I asked God to just surround us and invade with his presence. His words were "I wouldn't miss it". Guys the joy he gives us just by praising him amd doing his will is substantial. His word says that the joy of the Lord is our strength. This is what its all about. This joy makes the risks of going into the mission field seem almost non-existent. We need to get to a place where worshiping God, whether it be singing in a Hotel past midnight or just by obeying him, becomes our first priority. This is how we will be sustained. This is how the lost list will be reached.


UC Davis

This word is for Daniel serving as an English teacher in China, that we met during lunch with a missionary. As we prayed over you, I saw the word "veins" written in cursive, with two ^ symbols above it, like the roof of a temple/hut, but also reminding you&your acceptors of Christ to constantly look up. Not sure exactly what it means but hopefully it resonates with you. I believe His love runs through your veins and you will fill any hut or school with his love, that censorship and a protective government cannot confine the good news that automatically runs through you. You are blessed and I will continue to pray for your mission field and for curiosity in your students!


Continued: into these people. Never underestimate the impact of the hidden place. We will reap a great harvest if we do not grow weary in doing good. Be faithful in prayer and breakthrough will come. A corporate spirit of conviction and repentance will be a hallmark of this awakening.



Colossians 2:15 During the last night, the spirit of intercession was moving and the Lord began to deal with various and specific principalities in geographical regions sent to block the effectual release of the gospel that had assumed false authority. He began to remind them through a glorious display of his all surpassing glory and his finished work on the cross. The crown of thorns was pushed on his brow and with every whip lash on his back, the blood of Jesus flowed down. Every drop of blood was like acid to the strongholds, dissipating and dissolving them. With this, the people effected were released from captivity into God's salvation as a corporate repentance was released and God declared "It is finished" true authority was manifest. These individuals were key people in their regions and as they came many others followed behind. I believe tonight many people that have been contended for in prayer came alive in Christ. The labor of the faithful and years of preparation was poured


Indiana State University Chi Alpha

Tonight when we laid out hands on each other and prayer over everyone, there was a brother in Christ I do not know who laid his hand on my shoulder. It did not feel like his hand,but felt like God Himself placed His mighty hand on me. My entire body seemed to want to fall to the floor and melt. I come from a home where my parents are nonbelievers, and constantly fire shots at me and my beliefs. During this prayer time Jesus told me not to worry, lay it at my feet and I will make a way.
Later we sang how He made a way...He makes a way.


Sam Houston State

When I heard it was gonna be an awakening, I never thought how big it would be. But the Lord woke me up several times. I could of passed away several times In my life. Ranging from drowning to gunshots. But the Lord spoke to me telling me why he kept me alive. He told me that I would be more than a simple follower. That I was gonna be a teacher to the little kids and I was gonna spread the gospel around the world.


Evangel University

I've seen this image 3 times now, the last two times were during this week. It's an image of a specific Buddhist temple that I've been to in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This particular temple is on a high hill, you can see it from everywhere in the city. At night, it's brightly lit, but it's still a place of intense spiritual darkness and oppression.

Tonight, as we were singing the lyrics "God is fighting for us, pushing back the darkness, lighting up the kingdom that cannot be shaken," I saw this temple as a stronghold for the kingdom of God. It was no longer a Buddhist stronghold for the enemy, it was as if God's light had been poured out and wiped out the ancient darkness that is currently present there.


Arizona State University

On Thursday when Pete first said in order to descend into darkness we need people to hold the rope I visualized a hole above me with little light pouring through it and a rope going down into the hole. I didn't think anything of this at the time.

Tonight when Jeff quoted him on this I had the same image in my head and I realized my perspective of it, the hole was ABOVE me, not BELOW me. I was descending into the darkness, not looking down into the darkness holding the rope. I encourage everyone to picture what this quote looks like for them. What is your perspective, if you're in the darkness looking up, you better GO. If you're above holding the rope, you better GIVE! But everyone should be doing both to the best of their God given ability!


Purdue University

The song Break Every Chain is prophetic to the chains that will be broken off of every campus, every university, and every community represented here. The chains of spiritual strongholds of the Enemy will be broken off of those communities represented here!


Indiana University- South Bend

Sometimes we question whether God can speak to us because we feel like there is some sort of wall separating is from him. But I have good news; our God is in the business of breaking down walls. He is persistent in pursuing us and we should do the same for him.

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