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TWMS4 Testimonies

Below you can read testimonies from the historic World Missions Summit 4.

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Renay West talked about the power of prayer at TWMS4. I believe our prayers from the conference and there after are in effect. This past Thursday, I asked a girl wearing a hijab if I could sit next to her. She said yes. We were both eating muffins. I prayed that God would open a door for me to start a conversation with her. Soon after, 5 other girls came and started talking to her. I felt like I wouldn't be able to reach these girls, especially since I was wearing my wooden cross necklace. They were speaking in their language, their backs were toward me and they were Muslims and I was a Christian. There were many boundaries, but the power of prayer broke through every wall. I heard the girls speaking a little bit of English and I could tell they were struggling with English homework. God opened the door so I stepped in and asked them if they needed help with their English homework. They all turned towards me and one girl, Amal, said yes. They needed to get to their next class, but Amal gave me her number so we could meet up later and I could help her do her homework. The other girls were friendly and even made jokes with me. Since then, I've invited Amal to our Chi Alpha International English group. I encourage every student reading this to adopt the heart of God for the lost and to step out and reach the students on their campus for Christ, knowing that prayers and the power of the Holy Spirit will aid you.


Ball-State//live in Fort Worth

God wrecked my life at the Summit and I wrote about it. 2157 words. I wish you all the best on your reading journey. If you tap out before the end, it's ok! But I hope you make it through all the winding roads, uphill hiking, and deep valleys I take you on.



Delgado Community College

I have friends from difficult and bad backgrounds. Some have been incarcerated bad boys\girls with good hearts. They have been treated horribly and thus made some bad decisions because of it. I've learned that God can even reach people like them through kind hearted people who's willing to listen.


Utah Valley University

I could write you a book about the amazing things that happened at TWMS4 but I really wanted to share the main thing I got out of this fantastic week!
First off I'm quite new to Chi Alpha having joined in the fall after my return to college and it has been such a blessing. I attend a fall retreat with my core group and that's where i heard about TWMS4 I had no idea what it was but from the moment I hard it mentioned I knew I needed to go! I was a bit worried about the money at first but GOD provided as usual and I was even able to convince my brother to go with me and I was able to raise enough money for both of us!!
I had gone into this conference believing that I wouldn't or rather couldn't be called for missions. Missions in my opinion were for the cream of the crop and I wasn't good enough or knowledgeable enough for that.
The first night of the summit during the first gathering we were talking about unreached people groups and for some reason I could only think of one North Korea a place I know almost nothing about other than it's a closed country, so I took it and I began to pray for North Korea and it became like a weight on my heart I couldn't escape throughout the whole conference so the 2nd day during windows to the world several different missionaries approached me and asked to pray with me one even told me that he could tell GOD had a plan for me, so when one lady asked me to sign up for pipeline I did it and unsure of where I wanted to go i decided I should put Asia in the country box. Needless to say that after several other crazy and scary events I agreed to give a year and pray about a lifetime and I don't know where exactly I will go but I have a feeling it has something to do with North Korea.


The Evergreen State College

Tally for the week at Evergreen:
2 students baptized in the Spirit
1 student delivered from anxiety
4 healings.
Jesus wants to bless.


Virginia Tech

Coming to conference I was facing limitations. On what I could do what I could say. Even on where I could go. I was struggling with depression and dark dreams and lack of taste for life. I didn't even allow myself to talk to certain people, just because.

At conference I began to push past those limits. My motto was from the beatitudes to hunger and thirst for righteousness and trust that I will be filled.

At meal times with the missionaries life was vibrant and the food savory.

I felt the Lord calling me to daily repentance and to walk with him.

I received the gift of the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues.

Jesus allowed me to dream fluidly for the first time in years, of joyful images and tribes of people dedicated to the lord.

From darkness to light. Abide in Christ.


Sam Houston Chi Alpha

For me, I came into the World Mission Summit expecting something great to happen, but I didn't know what exactly I was hoping would happen. The night that we were asked to fill out the "give a year" cards I went up and prayed and laid my heart out, asking the Lord where I should go. Since that night, now more than ever, I know that Alaska is where my heart is, and where the Lord will take me to if I am obedient. I visited booths in the Latin America area opening my heart to different locations, but when it came down to filling the card, something kept telling me "Alaska is where you need to be". I never thought in a million years that this Texas kid would have such a burden for the natives in Alaska but I hope to be able to give a year and for sure pray for a lifetime.


Sam Houston State University

While at the World Missions Summit Eurasia experience, I heard a story from someone who was taking language classes at a university in Kiev, Ukraine. One day, a bunch of class mates went missing and he later found out that they had left to go fight for ISIS. It broke my heart for the people in that region. Today I can't stop thinking about how that applies to all college students, domestic and international. This is a very real consequence if we do not strive for students to know Christ.


Radford University

To write about my experience at TWMS4 in its entirety would be to write a novel; however, I do want to share this little portion with everyone. On the last night of the summit God gave me a vision of a great, big tree that was full of life and had one apple hanging down from it. Approaching the tree was a woman with a scarf draped over her head and she was reaching the apple. God spoke to me and said "Tori, this is the tree of life and it's growing in you. You have the ability to go to my people and tell them of me. Take my message to them, lead them to me so that they might take part in everlasting life. Don't let this tree die, don't let the fruit rot. Abide in me and I will give you everything you need to go to my people."


Columbus State University

So a lot of things happened for me at TWMS. On Thursday 2 missionaries asked to pray for me and I received confirmation on my major and some of my purpose in life. On Friday, I attended the Holy Spirit class and I received the gift of speaking in tongues. It easy one of the most scary yet most amazing things to ever happen to me. I was so overwhelmed with joy. Later on Friday night I decided to give a year and pray about a lifetime in missions. Earlier in the day, HBCUs were mentioned and I thought wow it sure would be cool to work with those students. And it's so funny that the night I decide to give a year I prayed about people of color and Greeks being an unreached people. I am in a Greek organization and I know from experience that people especially Christians don't really reach out to us and that is kind of disheartening. So even though I am still praying about where I want to go for my give a year, I am really leaning toward an HBCU and places where there are black Greek letter organizations.

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