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TWMS4 Testimonies

Below you can read testimonies from the historic World Missions Summit 4.

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Texas Tech University

Guys. Oh my my my!!! I gotta share this with you! A few crazy things happened to me last week that I'm still attempting to wrap my mind around!

First of all, I didn't think I was going to be able to go to TWMS. I was devastated the day I realized I couldn't go, but God was so faithful and had my back before I even bowed my head. That alone was so amazing, but it gets better!

The first night I got really sick. If you saw someone sleeping in the hallway between Eurasia and China, that was me! Haha. But I literally missed everything the first night. Migraines are no joke! The next morning, after getting at least 3 more hours of sleep than anyone else did, I felt just ok. I didn't even make it through the morning Gathering before my migraine came back. I was honestly contemplating taking an Uber back to the hotel and skipping out on day 2. But I gave Africa a try and sure enough by the end I felt like I was about to pass out. Somehow I found some friends and went with them to International Ministries but spent the first half of that time slot in the bathroom ready to puke. I was beyond disoriented and so dizzy. I honesty only went back to the room to get my things and leave. There I talked with a woman at Global Initiative. We talked about Islam and how sad it is that the Quran offers no hope or comfort to Muslims, but then they find the Bible and it gives them everything they're looking for and then some! Y'all, I kid you not, by the end of the conversation, there was not even a slight trace of a headache. It was just gone! Upon leaving that room, I kept hearing "Syria, Syria, Syria" over and over again like a heartbeat. I mean it literally felt like my heart was beating for Syria. Mind you, we hadn't even discussed Syria in our conversation.

Next, we went to Eurasia and if you went in there then you know what I'm talking about, women sat in the back. When I go to church I always sit front and center. I had never thought about it before, but what an amazing privilege I have as a Christian woman to sit wherever I want without needing to be with a man. How amazing is it that there are no second class citizens in to Jesus?!? We are all totally equal! Upon leaving that room, I felt completely refreshed, but this time the phrase "Jesus champions women" replayed over and over again in my head.

Fast forward to the next Gathering, and I'm all in. Like yes God, HERE AM I SEND ME!! So pumped!! I mean if you were there, you know how electric the room was in those moments! And while I was there, God so clearly told me that He wants me to work with Syrian women. Like what? Yes. But what? I didn't even know how to feel cause I was so shocked. I'm totally on a Jesus high heading home that night, when I get a call from my friends who had borrowed my car so they could leave early. My car just died on them in the real sketch part of Houston, so I get to them as fast as I can and so do some of the guys. Normally, I'd be stressed out to the max, because this was the 4th time in less than a year where I have had to call AAA and get a tow. But there was such a peace over me to the point where all I could do was laugh. Satan was clearly trying so hard to keep me from TWMS. But finances didn't stop me, sickness didn't stop me, so I was not about to let my dead car stop me. Like nice try there bud. Lol

The next day I woke and made my way to the GRB. As excited as I was I could not focus on the message of the first Gathering. I could not get the previous day out of my head. How I sat still for 2 hours I have no idea. Yet somehow in all the excitement, I felt a sense of calm as God told me this: "the Syrians I have called you to love are not a burden, but rather a blessing. They were inaccessible so I brought them to you and the rest of the world. Be a blessing onto them"

I'm still dumbfounded by all these events that took place in less than 24 hours. Now I get why Satan was trying so hard to keep me from TWMS. God revealed so much to me and I'm not even sure why me. But I know that He is making a way for me just like He already has. GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!


Idaho State University

As I began my first year of college I was in a bad place. I had been struggling for most of high school. The past five years has been full of ups and downs as I have lost people that were really close to me as well as being hurt by the people I love. I came to the World Mission Summit in a lot of pain and state of depression. As the conference went on I started to feel closer to God again. On the last night while I was getting prayer God took all that pain away. God broke my chains and filled my heart with joy again. He showed me that He was always with me and never left me even though I didn't want anything to do with him. God really showed me that no matter what is going on in life, no matter how much we push away he will never leave our side.


The Evergreen State College

God is so good! Since coming home from The Summit, 2 students baptized in the Spirit. Gifts manifesting. Laid hands on two people and God healed them, one with back and breathing issues. The other with gall bladder pain. God moving powerfully at The Evergreen State College.


Rowan University

TWMS4 was truly an amazing experience. It was definitely worth the trip and I cannot wait until school starts again to spread the love of Jesus. Going to the summit has really inspired me to give a year.



I came to TWMS4 excited for what God was going to do in my life. Despite the excitement, I came emotionally, spiritually, and physically exhausted from a trail I have been facing at home. The first night, we were singing the song, King of My Heart. I sang loud and proud that He IS good, but when it came to the line "You're never gonna let me down," I could not get those words out. I was facing an internal battle of knowing that God always is with me and working through my trials with me, but doubting the evidence of that. I felt that God had let me down because things were getting worse with my battle back home. It was becoming more hopeless each day. The next two days, I was encouraged and poured into by amazing people and the Holy Spirit.
The battle that I am returning to is the same, but I am going back to it different. I know that my trust in God should not waver based on the circumstance or calamity of my situation. When I do not see progress, when I am afraid, when things are out of my control, God is there; He has been and always will be. By the last day of TWMS4 I found myself singing those words "You're never gonna let me down," at the top of my lungs. Not because God fixed the whole situation, but because he fixed my outlook on it. I am now going back to the battle, but rather than looking at it as a battle, I am looking at it as my mission field, and no matter what happens I am going to trust in God and know that despite the circumstance I am never alone.


Upper Iowa University

We got back early Sunday morning at 5AM and some of our students wanted to go to church (which is an hour drive because our campus is in a small town with no local AG church). After service, we were planning to drive back to campus and were going to eat on campus. When we got there, the cafeteria was shut down but we heard a bunch of voices upstairs in the game center. One student piped up "Let'™s go make disciples!" All of us went upstairs and there is a room of 9 international students hanging out. After chatting with them, one of the students leans into me and says "œCan we invite them over to your house for lunch?"

I asked them if they would like to come over to eat, and they were full of excitement and said yes! They had nowhere to eat lunch, being a small town and the cafe closed. The students were longing for a nice warm meal. The afternoon was spent with laughter, eating, and lots of new friendships from China, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Taiwan, and Malaysia! Our students invited them to Chi Alpha, and they where super excited and mentioned they wanted to experience different religions.

We are so thankful for God encountering our students at TWMS. Giving them a heart for the nations. I have never seen our students with such passion to reach the nations. As our students say, "TWMS has just begun!"


University of Central Arkansas

Hey guys! God showed me a vision tonight, Jan 10th, and I want to share it with you:

I saw a small child huddled in a big empty room. A woman, I know she was the voice of a demon, told him "there's no place to run, there's no place to hide. You must stay here." The boy was being held captive and it seemed he had no way to escape or defend himself. The door closed and he was alone in darkness. I realized I needed to pray fervently for this boy, that someone might find him and he'd be freed. I saw myself looking in a house, there was no room with a boy huddled in it. Then I was looking in a warehouse of abandoned shipping crates (the huge ones you load for importing and exporting goods). It was after clearing half of the shipping crates that I opened the door for him... But the door was unlocked the whole time, without him realizing it.

God showed me that the boy represents the people trapped by the customs and rituals of their nation. They are told lies all of their life, when the solution is simple in front of them, they only must be shown. It is up to us to pray fervently for these people, that they will be found, that they will be shown that the door has been unlocked for them this whole time, and that they don't have to dwell in darkness with no hope. God is light.. and because of the lies that Satan tells people, it is up to us to shine a light and to reach these people.

The shipping crates represent the nations themselves. People have written them off as unreachable, when there are people there that could be ministered to. We CANNOT abandon these nations which hold valuable people like that little boy. We have to work hard, seek out, and clear warehouses sometimes to bring the light of Jesus to the nations.


University of Arkansas at Little Rock

God spoke so much to me during this summit. He has just opened doors that I never thought would have been possible and he has blessed me beyond compare. Since getting involved in Chi Alpha, God has given me a heart to serve by teaching and other mission work in Central or South America. I thought this was only a dream and at best I would be able to teach it here in the US, but every step of the way God has been changing my heart and opening doors. This summit confirmed that I am meant to teach abroad. God spoke to me that first, I have to support the other missionaries that are out spreading the gospel and doing his work and I have to sacrificially give of myself as well. I have to support his cause and these doors will continue to be opened. I just thank God for everything he's done to get me to this point and everything he's doing to push me forward. I was completely baptized in the Holy Spirit during the summit and I finally relinquished the control that I've been holding back to my Father in Heaven! I've felt a change in my spirit and it feels amazing! I'm never going back and I'm going to continue to do the work of my Father in Heaven and do my part in bringing on the greatest awakening that this world has seen! Thank you Father!


Eastern Oklahoma State College

At the World Mission Summit, God revealed to me my calling. Prophetic word, after prophetic word, after prophetic word went out over my life. God challenged me to give one year to Missions and to pray for a lifetime. God spoke to me many of times, used me to lay hands and pray for a young man (in the HOTEL LOBBY!!) with bronchitis, and he instantly coughed up all of his sickness! He Gave me a boldness to stand up and pray aloud (Something I would have never done before..) for 40+ people from all over the world. And He has just all around changed my entire life!


University of Virginia

Shout out to my man cj for supplying a few line on this one.
I worship the son of god.

You telling me you don't believe in the power of god, man that's pre-mission summit talk.
You want to find purpose in life you best let jesus led your walk.
I'll be honest Comin' in I was a little skeptic, but now I'm sending up prays for all the nations.
Cause jesus goes beyond all expectations.
Showing me that livin' without the love of Christ is like the greatest separation.
I feel the devil Comin at me saying with Jesus I'll never win.
But If your telling me christ hasn't changed my life your argument is way thin.
Out here Catching bodies for christ like we playing mafia.
Cause You know I'll go to bat for ya,
Praying, not complaining, that's a task for ya.
If you want to go out and serve the world, You better learn how to queral.
Cause all you need is to be filled with the Holy spirit.
So we will know that he is always near it.
We all waiting around to be called to go.
Why don't you just pick up your satchel and tell the devil no.
Cause jesus didn't call us to stay home and live a comfortable life.
He said go tell the world and be prepared to pay the ultimate price.


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