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TWMS4 Testimonies

Below you can read testimonies from the historic World Missions Summit 4.

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Notre Dame

For months since I accepted Jesus,I would pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit but it never happened.On the last gathering I believed it was my day and through the guidance of one of the spirit filled missionary. I spoke in tongues.


Chadron State College

When I would talk about the Summit people would ask me if I was trying to find an excuse to leave the country. In all honesty I can't say that I wasn't. Ever since I was a little girl I knew I had a heart for missions. I mean, when I was probably 8 I thought to myself, "I want to be the person who goes to the countries no one else does. I want to tell them about Jesus."
When I was 14 I flew to Peru by myself to meet friends there and get to know the country. A year ago I left for Australia and returned three months later. People who know me know this, Erika goes, it's just who she is.
Going to the Summit helped me understand missions and get the full picture of what missions means. I am thankful for my drive to go, but now I am excited to pray, give, and welcome until it's go time.
Each speaker ministered to me in just the right way. During break outs I was lead by Holy Spirit and got even more knowledge about the vision of missions.
During worship God gave me an overwhelming peace in a season of my life where that doesn't come easily. Listening to the voices/hearts pour out gave me a picture of the kingdom. I didn't want it to stop. If I felt that at peace with 6,000 voices praising I can only imagine what the constant praises of the saints will be like for all eternity.
And lastly, each missionary who came and invested in us made my heart so blessed and thankful. Through Christ they are paving the way for me. Their encouragement and personal prayers for and over me touched me in ways I've never been touched. They proficiency over my life and in doing so confirmed prayers I had shared with no one.
Each aspect of TWMS was so great and I will never forget it. Thank you to all who attended and made the worship, fellowship, and experiences priceless. And thank you to every leader, speaker, and missionary who put this together and got us there. "It's time!"


XA Director @ The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA

The Great Awakening is happening! Went to my church this morning, and something I heard at TWMS was burning in my heart, and God told me that it was a word for my church as well. So my Pastor gave me the microphone and I shared the word of the Lord, that the Christian life is not hard... it's impossible!

If we think that it's hard, we will just try harder but never actually live the life God has called us to. But if we know that it's impossible, then we'll cry out to God in desperation and He will lead us and guide us.

After I shared, a girl named Taylor came up to me. She just started coming to our church a month ago, she has known for years that God is calling her to be a missionary, and she's planning to transfer to The Evergreen State College next fall (which is where I serve as a campus pastor with Chi Alpha). Praise God! Please pray for Taylor and her family. I invited her to start coming to our Chi Alpha and I think she's really excited to get involved!


Virginia Tech

Growing up in a non-religious household has made my walk with the Lord extremely difficult. The past few years have tested my faith and a few months ago I was ready to give up on my faith, myself, and my life. But God shined a light on someone who brought me to Chi Alpha and my life has been forever changed. The Lord revealed to me through prayer that I was created for much larger things than I ever thought possible. I was able to find so much joy in sharing the gospel with others, and I finally felt the full and complete love of my Heavenly Father once again. The Lord has placed refugees and Africa in my heart, and I have developed so much love for these people and this place. I didn't think that TWMS would make that much of an impact on me, but I leave as a completely changed individual. My heart was completely wrecked, and I heard the voice of the Lord clearly speak to me. I have been called to serve in Kenya to work with Somalian refugees and upon graduating I will give a year of my life to further God'a Kingdom, and I will pray about a lifetime. I've always dreamed of doing something bigger than myself, and I'm finally at a point in my life where I no longer live to please myself, but to please The One who gave it all. I'm willing to go to the ends of the earth and I sit here humbly at the feet of Jesus to be used in whatever way He sees fit.

To those who are struggling or feeling beat down because the Lord didn't reveal something specific to them, you are still so loved!! The Lord will use each of us in incredible ways, and that includes YOU! God's will is for you to serve, and that can be done even in the smallest of ways! Whether it be the person in front of you on the bus, your next-door neighbor, or someone in one of your classes, you can always further God's Kingdom and share Jesus with everyone you meet!!


Stanford University

My testimony is from the first night of the summit.

I had been walking through the exibits with a friend of mine, specifically focusing on a country in Northern Asia that I had the privilege of serving in last year short term over spring break, and was seeking God to see if there would be more for me there in the future, long term. We had gotten 7 of the stamps to enter the raffle and needed in 8th, so we went up to a couple sitting at one of the round tables by the Chi Alpha gear, eying our last stamp.

We didn't know God had something greater in store!

The man there began engaging us in conversation and offered to pray for my friend who had a long term back injury from rowing. He prayed a couple of times for him, and it got slightly better. After he finished praying, his wife began speaking to us. She said God was putting a word on her heart and it was China! Exactly the country God had put on my heart! I started looking to see if I was holding anything from the Northern Asia booths, or some other reason why she would say that. But she didn't know, only God knew and used her to reveal a word of knowledge and confirm what He had been putting on my heart. That was the first time I had ever received a word a word of knowledge!

Not only do I feel called, but am now living in a greater sense of awe of our God and the power which he is capable of and operating in today, guiding us and setting us free!


University of Arkansas - Fort Smith

I am the university staff advisor for Chi Alpha at the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith. I was introduced to Chi Alpha 2 years after I graduated from college and I am now serving as the university staff advisor for my second year. While at South Central SALT last year, I was reminded of the call to ministry I received over a decade ago. For various reasons I kept pushing it off until I forgot altogether but I knew I was missing something. This year at the World Mission Summit, I made a commitment to give a year as a Campus Missionary in Training. All this to say, it's never too late. After a 5 year career, I am answering the call to the mission field directly. While I do wonder how many I could have reached while I delayed, I am grateful for the grace of God to still have a chance. My heart has been stirred these last 3 years with Chi Alpha to be a part of discipling college students and equipping them to make disciples themselves.


Austin Community College

We left the hotel around noon and stopped for lunch nearby. There were four of us eating together, and about half way through one of the others and I felt that we needed to say something to the waiter. Next time he came around the other girl asked if he needed any prayer. He then spent the next 10 minutes telling us his life story: he was an alcoholic atheist and found Jesus 9 months ago through AA! We got the chance to pray with him and God gave me a word for him as well. He left encouraged and we left excited! TWMS starts now!


University of Houston

Throughout the three days of TWMS the Lord revealed to me through prayer from students and talks with missionaries that I hadn't fully accepted Gods fatherly love/heart. Being abandon by my father and molested by my step-father really had been affected my relationship with the Lord in a deeper sense. On the last day of the summit as a friend was praying over me I broke down because the things she said showed Gods fatherly heart for me. As we began singing "Good good Father" that night; a song I've heard/sung countless times; all I could do was cry because the song FINALLY became real to me and not just a bunch of words. Now I feel closer to God than ever before and all I want to do is get closer to Him because I know that He truly is my heavenly FATHER.


Sam Houston State

On the last night of TWMS, the worship leader spoke about how our walk with God is not performance-based. This really spoke to me, because it's something I struggle with a lot. Last night I was able to pray for multiple people, and as I did, the Lord spoke to me more and more. God is bigger than all of our insecurities, and as long as we are in obedience to Him, our perceived results are irrelevant. If we are in obedience to Him, then His name will be glorified regardless of how we may think things go. Last night was one of the first times in a long time that I was able to let go of myself and do what the Lord had commanded of me, and it was all thanks to the holy spirit. I am so thankful for my time here, and I encourage anyone who has trouble with insecurity to bring it before the Lord and let His Holy Spirit heal you of it. I will be praying for all of you as we return to our campuses and spread the word of God. Thank you all for a wonderful time.


Rutgers University

I am not a very emotional person and although God has moved me many times I don't recall ever being moved to tears. When being prayed over in the experiencing the Holy Spirit room I began crying. The Holy Spirit is real and He was there with us through the entire summit. So grateful for all of the missionaries and others who made the event possible. TWMS changed my life.


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