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TWMS4 Testimonies

Below you can read testimonies from the historic World Missions Summit 4.

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University of Montana Western

This conference was such a powerful experience and my life calling was found as I know the Lord wants me in the missionary field for the rest of my life. Coming from an atheist background and finding the Lord 3 years ago, I know there is no one that can tell me there is no God! This conference has truly shown me that my life is forever controlled by God and I have to do exactly what he wants for me. With dedicating my whole life to missions, I know the Lord will allow me to change lives through his teachings and blessings. I know I was sent to this world mission summit conference for all the right reasons and I am armed now to do God's work!!!!!!!


American University Central Asia

Four years ago, at TWMS3, my husband (boyfriend back then) and I went to the summit. He proposed the day after the summit and a year later in 2014 we got married. Being from a post-Soviet Union country I always knew that I had a heart for post-Soviet Union people, because I know their struggles and I know how different of a life they would live if they only knew Jesus. So, long story short, for the last three years of being married I have been praying about God speaking to my husband and for him to confirm and have peace about missions as well. By the way, my husband is a wonderful man of God and the Lord has used him to bring a lot of healing in my life.
Anyways, on January 5th 2017 after Scott and Crystal’s message my husband finally said the word: "Russia€," whereas I also had a picture of eastern Europe and Russia in my head. I had a vision of the entire world map and stars glowing on eastern Europe/Russia area with a sparkling golden light as if that was a confirmation whereas the rest of the world was somewhat gray. So, I am stoked, at the same time scared (in a good way) because we have no idea so far how to start the whole process, but we are excited that God gave us a second chance; and what I mean by that is that since that confirmation we have had nothing but peace as though God trusted us with this despite our lack of care and selfishness we have had. The Lord did not only confirm our future, but also took away many forms of depression, fears, doubts and anger yesterday on January 6th. I am so excited about keeping this up and understanding that it is by the Spirit that these things are to take place and not by my own strength and pride.


I had no desire to go to TWMS4 what so ever because I was not called to Missions at all, but to youth ministry. But God told my mentor I needed to go. As we went through the Africa experience the Holy Spirit came upon and began to speak to me. I then headed over the booth in the exhibit hall and began to cry. I got my latitudes bracelet and the missionary working told me something seemed sparked inside of me, I picked my cordinates and it turned out that he was a missionary there. After all of that I spent about 30 minutes getting plugged in with pipeline missionaries about doing a personal internship my third year for college, and was told strings could be pulled! That night for the missionary meal I didn't believe me eyes but as I returned to my table our missionary was from africa! On top of that he was a youth pastor in africa! God is starting to call me to go and now I am praying for a more clear answer on my life since he has changed up my plans a lot!


Kansas State University

On the last night of TWMS, as I was in the front singing & worshipping the Lord I was filled with the Holy Spirit. I began to weep & speak in tongues. It felt different than any other time as the inside of my body began to feel as though it was on fire. I slightly opened my eyes & seen a guy in front of me with his hand over his eyes & in that instant God told me to put my hand on him. I didn't know why but I did. As I did he fell to his knees. I continued to pray louder & weeped harder. Moments later, the two of us were surrounded by a group of others with hands on each surrounding individual pouring their hearts into us. That moment will forever change my life. I thank the Lord for using my body as a vessel to reach ones I don't even know.


These last few days have been so powerful and life changing! While God has confirmed a calling to Europe to work with youth, he also healed me and I am so thankful for God's love and power!
After battling depression for over a year and dealing with its destructive grip on my life, last night a brother spoke life into me and reminded me that God is thankful that I am here and that he has such a purpose for my life! The joy I feel in his presence is real, and he has made me so beautifully! Later as the speaker spoke over the crowd healing from all sickness, I felt God's tangible presence wash over me and I was filled with a new joy that I haven't felt in so long, and I believe that I will not have to face depression anymore. Thank you, Jesus!


Edinboro University

On our flight back to Pittsburg there was a mom and a daughter sitting behind us. The daughter was visibly sick. They asked us what we had been doing and 2 of us talked to them about how we had just come from Twms . The mom Kim shared with us that Amanda would love to go on a missions trip but that wasn't something that was going to happen to her . When we asked her why she shared with us that she had Mastocytosis and that the doctors had told them that there was nothing else they could do and she only had about 6 more weeks to live. As soon as I told them I was so sorry I heard Gods voice say to me " you just sat in a conference for 3 days and heard about all the healing I can do and the best you can do is say you're sorry?? " So I asked Kim if when we got off the plane we could pray for her and Amanda and she said yes. So when we got off the plane our group off us prayed for her and I gave them 2 of the books about missions that I got from the summit with a list of really good works up songs inside of it. I believe that God is going to heal Amanda and that she will make it on a missions trip!!! Please keep praying for her!!!


Chadron State College Chadron, Ne

I was transformed the last night a TWMS! I was baptized in Holy Spirit, but before that I was given a prophetic word by this guy who I didn't even know. He told me that I would be a great mother to my kids that I do not have yet, and that me and my husband will love our kids so much that they know exactly how much we love them. He said that I will have the family that I always wanted my family to be. He told me that there are going to be broken girls that will come to me and see that mother side both physically and innerly. He told me that I came from a broken home and God wanted me to know that he loves me. Lastly, he said I will never forget this moment, and hea right I never will! Shortly afterward, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. I could tell what was going on around me. I remember that Scott and Crystal were just about to close in prayer and that's when I screamed "JESUS!" But it wasn't me it was the Holy Spirit. As I screamed JESUS, I fell forward like I was bowing down to HIM. When I screamed JESUS, it felt like I was screamimg with all my might and breath. But it was all the Holy Spirit. I wasn't expecting that because I thought I was going to speak in tongues, but I felt so delivered afterwards. I had this overwheling joy and peace. My life was totally transformed at TWMS4!


Purdue University

So the Lord is setting before all of us a Holy and anointed journey of carrying out His will to share the Gospel wherever we go. He told me this weekend as I was overflowing with love, peace and joy, "Even when you are full of love and you are overflowing, I will call you even deeper into LOVE and I will display even more of my own LOVE to you." Expect to go deeper, friends. He also revealed to me that when we are willing followers of Jesus, He is like the negative water potential as a stream moves. The water is attracted to the negative potential and flows wherever that potential is. God is that water potential force of our lives. We are the stream, uncontrollably meandering wherever that potential changes. Don't be a stagnant puddle. Be that willing stream that will face many changes in direction and flow over many rocky paths creating turbulence. But you will always live in peace knowing you're following JESUS. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. Prayers for all of your journeys.


Missouri State University

I came into TWMS hoping for direction with my future because I know I'm called into medical missions, I just didn't know when I would leave. I graduate in December and through all the amazing speakers and different booths I now know that God is calling me to give at least a year right after I graduate to somewhere in Africa. Where specifically, I don't know, but I've also got a better look at the journey I need to take in this next year to prepare myself and my heart. God is good, and I'm so thankful for TWMS4.


Cincinnati Chi Alpha

I just wanted to confirm with you that as of January 7, 2017, the Student Awakening through Chi Alpha has truly begun. Around 12 am this morning, about 15-20 students from various campuses were praying for healing for each other. Two students had uneven legs and are now able to stand straight up with both legs being the same length and one student's knee pain is gone. A student with fibromyalgia as prayed for. We're expecting God to move a mighty way and completely heal her in her lifetime. In that very same time, spontaneous worship was sparked because of the realization God's goodness and power in that moment. Most students kept coming, singing, and dancing in awe of the Lord! A brother from Texas, I believe, got on the piano and we started to sing old traditional baptist songs. That led into further worship. The Holy Spirit was so hot in that place! People were being slain in the spirit. People were speaking in tongues for the very first time. Prophetic words were shared periodically the entire time. Worship was a diverse mix of contemporary Christian music, contemporary gospel and old traditional Christian/gospel music as well. There were white, black, Asian and African students who just kept coming and coming as the Spirit of the Lord drew them in. The hotel staff would even stop by and listen and watch what was going on. Even though one of them couldn't speak English very well, she said she was blessed by the worship. By the end of it, 3:00 am hit and so many of the students had a fresh and authentic experience with the Lord for the first time in their lives. We knew that this is where it starts and we're never gonna stop. It's happening. What a privilege it is that we get to be a part of His redemption plan!!

B.S. Chemical Engineering, 2016
University of Cincinnati


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