What could happen if we joined together as a movement and mobilized students to pray daily for more laborers on their campus, in their nation and around the world?

We’re going to be doing a push up to Oct 2 (10/2) to see how many Chi Alphans we can get to pray at 10:02 am or pm every day for more laborers in accordance with Luke 10:2. We currently have about 653 people who have signed up. If each person is pausing to pray a minute that’s almost 11 hours a day of prayer so far. Our ultimate goal by TWMS5 is a week of prayer happening every day or 168 hours (10,080 minutes) for more laborers. We want to cross the milestone of 1440 people or 24 hours of prayer by October 2.

Perhaps our labor shortage is connected to a prayer shortage. Let’s change that. You can find resources and more info at chialpha.com/10.2.

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