A Letter from the XAi Director Regarding All Nations 2020

Hey Chi Alpha Nation!

Thank you so much for your commitment to the Lord and for your faithfulness in reconciling students to Christ in these times as the world grapples with the Coronavirus. I especially want to say thanks for your faithfulness in loving and serving, proclaiming Christ, and discipling international students at a time when they are in great need. I encourage you to continue to be prudent and Spirit-led in loving and serving the international students who are on your campus.

It is never lost on our Heavenly Father, who loves all nations, the challenges as well as the opportunities presented at this time to make disciples of all nations. To that end we labor, pray, and have to make wise and faith-filled, though difficult, decisions. After conferring with our XAi task force (our XAi Area Reps & All Nations Executive Planning Team) as well as the National Ministry Center Task Force, and much prayer and fasting, we have decided to cancel All Nations 2020, which was to be held in May 22 – 25th in Tulsa.

All Nations is a powerful conference crafted intentionally to help catalyze the process of international students embracing their identity in Christ as well as their destiny in the kingdom of God now, so they can do it later in the marketplace and the world. The impact this conference has, specifically in the lives of international students who are being moved from friendship to leadership, is significant and is evidenced mostly by international students becoming disciple-makers on their respective campuses. In essence, All Nations serves to help catapult international students into their current mission field – your campus.

Due to the importance as well as the impact of All Nations, we are working on an online intensive for international students that will help serve the same purpose of catalyzing the process of embracing their identity and destiny. For international students to be involved we will need you, the campus pastor, to nominate international students to go through the intensive. More details on this will be communicated, and your XAi Area Rep and I are available to you as a resource to serve you.

I am looking forward to seeing what Jesus by His Spirit will continue to do throughout this crisis. We plan on offering All Nations 2021 in Tulsa, Oklahoma May 28th – 30th.

Thank you again for serving so diligently and know you are in our prayers!

In Him,

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