This renewal is to be filled out by the CMIT Director annually. Please submit with this renewal form the $100 annual CMIT program renewal fee. Every Classic, Hub, and Satellite campus is required to renew.

Page 29 of CMIT Directors Handbook, 2018

Annual Local CMIT Program Renewal

Each CMIT Director is to complete an Annual Program Renewal. This is necessary to maintain the active status to offer a nationally approved CMIT Program.

A CMIT Program Annual Renewal form must be submitted on or before August 1 to remain in active status for the following academic year.

All local CMIT programs (active and inactive) must pay the annual renewal fee, and all who pay the annual fees are eligible to attend the Annual CMIT Directors Meeting.

The annual fee for a Classic Model program, Hub campus, and each Satellite program is $100 per year.

Any active CMIT program that does not annually renew their national approval status as outlined in this Handbook will be considered inactive status and ineligible to accept CMIT interns for the following academic year. To regain their active status they must receive approval from the CMIT Executive Committee and submit the CMIT Program Annual Renewal form along with the appropriate annual fee.

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