Spend a Week in Intentional Community

Get ready to Acts 2:42 all week long! You’ll be staying with other Chi Alpha students in wonderful hotels in Tallahassee, Florida. You’ll get to spend the week praying, playing, learning and sharing meals together! The only bad part is saying goodbye to your new family at the end of the week.

Learn Theology and Discipleship Skills

Jesus taught His disciples through His words and His actions (Acts 1:1), so that is what we’ll do this week! We spend time unpacking Jesus’ method of discipleship and evangelism, we look at His approach to small group leadership by how he spent time with his original 12 disciples, and we will learn effective Bible study skills. You’ll even get an opportunity to learn how to inductively study a book in the Bible for yourself. You’ll even get to discuss real-life discipleship case studies with other aspiring student leaders from around the region. A top-notch teaching team will equip you to know Jesus, follow Jesus, and raise up the next generation of disciple on your college campus.

Who will I be learning from?

Jesus also made disciples in the context of relationships! So we want to get to know you while you’re here, too. The team of teachers this year is made up of a team of veterans who have all been doing campus ministry for a long time. Brady Bobbink, who is the originator of SICM will be joining us. As well as phenomenal Missionaries like Brian Hargett from Atlantic Coast SICM and Alex Rodriguez our National Training Director. Other staff from the Gulf Coast region will be helping teach the classes throughout the week. Whether we’re teaching, sharing meals together or enjoying free time, we want your training to come in the context of relationship with us in addition to the classes and experience of the conference.

Training Gulf Coast SICM Plus

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