Missionary engagement is key to missions mobilization. Missionary encouragement is key to missionary longevity.

Let’s devote the first week in March to focus our students as a movement, “All For Jesus,” on God’s global plan so all can hear. Imagine what a blessing and encouragement we could also be to our global partners, AGWM, and feedONE, if we joined together to honor and celebrate with them what God is doing around the world.

During We Live Missions Week we’d love to see every Chi Alpha group:

  1. Sign up for one hour of prayer in concert with other campuses and missionaries during our 24-hour virtual prayer meeting on March 3.
  2. Bring missionaries to your campuses, in person, or virtually. Because we don’t have “Meals with a Missionary” this year at TWMS, you can set up some “Meals with a Missionary” during We Live Missions Week. We have put together a list of over 250+ amazing AGWM missionaries who are stateside who are excited and prepared to come to your campus at their expense. This is a great way to connect your students with missionaries to honor them and celebrate what God is doing around the world.
  3. Encourage every student to give towards an upcoming feedONE project.
  4. Share a powerful missions message recorded by E. Scott and Crystal Martin with your students.

More components of We Live Missions Week include: 

  1. A library of social media visuals and videos that you could incorporate into your group’s postings for the week. 
  2. Live events daily @welivemissions.
  3. Relevant webinars with veteran missionaries, small group resources, and more.
chialpha.com/missionsweek is the site for staff to register a group for prayer, access resources, webinar schedules, social media content, and more. Students can access resources for the week at chialpha.com/allforjesus.


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