Join together with Chi Alphas from across the West Coast as we enter the new year immersed in the brilliance of God’s presence and the beauty of His creation. Hundreds of college students are gathering together as an anthem of God’s grace for four days and three nights in the midst of the Santa Cruz mountains at Mt. Hermon Conference Center

Each day will be filled with opportunity to encounter the Father and Desire of all nations as we seek Him in authentic worship, engaging prayer, and illuminating oracles. An abundance of connection with God and His children will be available in settings of extreme adventures, silent serenity, and everything in-between. 

No one will look back on the beginning of 2022 with regret when spent together in an opportunity like this. As we pray and prepare for this glorious time together we are asking God to refresh and send every student into their next steps on campus with a heart awakened to their divine identity and purpose.

Student Conference SALT West Coast

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