Join thousands in the Collegiate Jesus Fast for the forty days leading up to the Collegiate Day of Prayer for revival and awakening.

We are thrilled to gather with you in Turlock, California for this equipping and engaging winter conference. We have been eternally impacted by the humble life and leadership in Christ that is exemplified through Eli and Mary Gautreaux. They are a gift to the Chi Alpha movement nationally and a prophetic voice to every staff and student looking to be lead by the love of Christ in all things.

Eli Gautreaux is the Chi Alpha representative for the North and South Texas Districts of the Assemblies of God. Saved through Chi Alpha as college students in 1990, Eli and his wife Mary began the group at Sam Houston State University as students in 1992 and remained as campus pastors until 2018. They remain passionate about reaching students with the gospel, training workers, and sending ministry teams. They have two daughters and reside in Huntsville, TX.

In addition to the Gautreauxs, we have the privilege of hearing from and hosting several local and global voices that will call us forward in our individual and collective assignment to reach the lost and disciple the saved.

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