Dear Friend,

In over thirty-one years of ministry, my wife Crystal and I have given our lives to disciple university students and lead them to the nations. For the past 4.5 years I have had the privilege to lead and serve our Chi Alpha Nation as the National Director. This has entailed apostolic covering and leadership, prophetic vision and voice and serving as a keeper of the “Trust” of Chi Alpha.

What have we been doing the past 4.5 years?

The past few years have been focused on positioning Chi Alpha to fulfill its mission: Reconciling students to Christ, transforming the university, the marketplace and the world. We have focused on the vital need for Chi Alpha to develop into a true world-wide student movement. We are accomplishing this in three ways.

  1. We are working to ensure all of our Chi Alpha groups are healthy. This means we have healthy leaders on our campuses, we are discipling students to fulfill their call in God’s global mission, we are ministering in Holy Spirit empowerment and we equip our leaders and students for cross cultural missions.
  2. We are strategically and deliberately planting 80 new Chi Alpha groups over the next five years. We are boldly planting the flag of Christ on the secular university!
  3. We are expanding our reach and strengthening our ministry through strategic partnerships with Assemblies of God World Missions, feedONE (a ministry of Convoy of Hope), and Assemblies of God US Missions.

In the past four and a half years we have advanced from 668 affiliated staff to 1,228! We are poised for significant advancement!

The most strategic mission field in the world.

The secular university is the most strategic mission field in the world. Every race, religion, creed and culture are represented 365 days a year on the secular university. We, at least for now, have the opportunity to be an integral part of the campus community, planting the banner of Christ through discipling university students from the point of a non-believer to being a Jesus follower and taking Him to the marketplace and the world.

Today, 1,094,792 international students are studying on our campuses. Many of these hail from nations that are closed to the gospel and extremely difficult for missionaries to be placed in. Yet they are among us on our nation’s secular universities. These students will ascend to places of influence and leadership in their nations and we are seeing our international friends come to Christ in record number.

Importantly, in May 2016 we received a prophetic word that we were about to witness the greatest student awakening in history. We believe that Chi Alpha will play a strategic role in leading and stewarding this historic awakening! We are observing the nascent stages of this awakening today.

We are uniquely qualified and called to disciple university students to fulfill their call in God’s global plan. 

  • We are on over 300 campuses today with strategic plans to plant healthy Chi Alpha on 80 new campuses in the next five years.
  • We have nearly 30,000 students involved in Chi Alpha today.
  • Our missionaries are called, trained and equipped to reach the university.
  • We are backed up by key collaborators and partners such as the Assemblies of God World Missions, International Ministries, Convoy of Hope and Ravi Zacharias.
  • We are Holy Spirit Empowered.

Would you give financially to launch the National Chi Alpha Endowment?

Chi Alpha was founded 65 years ago. Throughout those years, the ministry has been funded through the generosity of donors year after year without a long-term sustainability fund, such as an endowment.

Today, we are excited to announce that we are changing that! With your help, we will be opening the National Chi Alpha Endowment by the end of 2018. An endowment will allow you and others to bless Chi Alpha on a permanent basis as your principal gift will remain intact. Your funds will be invested to create a sustainable source of income that Chi Alpha can count on for years to come.

The Endowment will include three phases.

Phase 1:  $100,000 by December 31, 2018 to open the endowment account.

Phase 2:  $10 million to serve as a 12-month emergency fund for Chi Alpha.

Phase 3:  Fully fund the Endowment with a long-term sustainability goal of $100 million, which would cover 100% of Chi Alpha’s national annual budget.

To open the account, we are required to fund the endowment with an initial $100,000 in donations. Our hope is to open the account on or before December 31, 2018. Crystal and I, as well as members of our National Chi Alpha Advancement Advisory Group, have already committed to giving and we believe that we will reach our initial goal of $100,000 within the next month with your help.  

Would you join us in giving to the launch of The National Chi Alpha Endowment?

This is the most strategic and deliberate move Chi Alpha has taken to date to ensure our ministry viability and sustainability for the future.

This is an individual breakdown of what we need to reach our Phase 1 financial goal of $100,000. Would you take one of these slots?

  • 3 people at $10000
  • 6 people at $5000
  • 8 people at $2500
  • 10 people at $1000
  • 20 people at $500

If you prefer to give a monthly or annual gift towards the general fund, please feel free to do that at

Your gift to the Endowment Fund will be tax-deductible and handled with complete integrity through AG Financial Solutions and under the accountability of our external ministry overseers and endowment committee.

Make your check payable to “AG Financial” write “Chi Alpha Endowment” in the memo line and mail your donation to:

AG Financial Solutions
3900 S. Overland Ave.
Springfield, MO 65807

In closing…

We are wholly committed to fulfill our mission and our role in this great student awakening. We are taking enormous steps of faith and are believing God for miraculous provision to establish long-term funding for the sustainability of Chi Alpha to reconcile students to Christ, transforming the university, the marketplace and the world.

Would you help us launch this National Chi Alpha Endowment?



E. Scott Martin
Senior National Director
Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, U.S.A.

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