The ultimate goal of all Chi Alpha internships is to offer an authentic place of growth and excellence in preparation for campus missions. An intern is not relegated to being a staff person’s gopher or a “special projects” person.

Instead, an intern joins a Chi Alpha ministry team as coworker under training. In that position, he or she takes on the work, challenges, and intensity that campus staff face in an ongoing way as mission leaders. This program is specifically designed to develop a person’s character, intellect, and ministry skills.

To promote character growth (which is Scripture’s overwhelming concern for pastoral leaders – see 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1), each intern will be personally supervised by a staff person. The interns have consistent opportunities each week to meet with their pastoral supervisor for prayer and discussions that touch on the attitudes, disciplines, and expression of our lives as ministers.

With regards to intellectual development our goal is not to teach many things briefly, but rather to concentrate on establishing firm theological foundations. We intend to leave with each intern both the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a lifelong development of their intellect.

An intern can anticipate time being given daily to develop the disciplines of devotion and personal study, as well as group gatherings weekly to discuss the essentials of a biblical, evangelical, and Pentecostal faith.

Finally, there is the broad area of skills. We are deeply aware and committed to the reality that knowledge only becomes a helpful skill when the knowledge is allowed to be experienced repetitively in a person’s life. Therefore, an intern can expect not only training, but the opportunity to “do the work of the ministry.”

Following training, each intern will have significant opportunities to teach from the Scripture in a variety of settings. Each intern will lead a small group dedicated to Bible study, prayer and practical training. There are also such areas as evangelism, administration, time management, counseling, support raising and ministry budgeting, to name but a few of the skill areas addressed and experienced during the CMIT internship.

In these and other ways we intend to see men and women properly prepared in their character, intellect, and skills for effective pioneer ministry to the secular campuses of the United States.

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