Chi Alpha is always looking to the horizon to see where the next body of students is ready to receive the gospel. We are prayerfully calling forth laborers into the rich harvest of campus ministry. Do you want to be a part of planting a new chapter of Chi Alpha?

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We have identified that the pioneering process is a unique calling and that certain skills are needed to build a ministry from scratch. Secondly, we know each campus has very unique dynamics that we must assess prior to building a specific ministry strategy. Thirdly, pioneering is navigating the unknown and one should never go it alone; a team is crucial along with a coach to help navigate the path to establishing a healthy Chi Alpha.

For pioneering effort to be set up for success, we have developed the following pathway:




The assessment interview evaluates the readiness of the applicant and identifies the people who should pioneer and their gifts. The assessment is not based on personality, but skills.


The Profile Assessment System was developed by Dr. Charles Ridley who conducted a study of church planters in the United States and Canada. His subjects in the study represented 13 Protestant denominations. Based upon his research and subsequent field-testing, he developed a list of 13 prominent performance dimensions. For more than a decade, these dimensions have been used to select church planters.

In Chi Alpha pioneering, an assessor asks questions that cover 13 different skills the pioneer should have, and the pioneer and assessor discuss past experiences to predict the future performance of the pioneer. The following is a list of those 13 skill sets.


  1. Visionizing Capacity: Builds long-lasting projects from scratch.
  2. Intrinsically Motivated: Is a self-starter. Manages time effectively.
  3. Creates Ownership of Ministry: Is able to recruit others for ministry positions.
  4. Reaches The Unchurched: Is comfortable being around pre-Christian people, leads them to Christ and assimilates them into the church.
  5. Spousal Cooperation: The couple has an explicit agreement regarding each partner’s respective role and involvement in ministry.
  6. Effectively Builds Relationships: Is a relational person who builds friendships.
  7. Committed To Church Growth: Pushes through natural growth barriers.
  8. Responsive To The Community: Designs ministries that reach the community.
  9. Utilizes Giftedness Of Others: Knows how to help people identify their gifts.
  10. Flexible: Is comfortable with change. Can switch gears easily to adjust to change.
  11. Builds Group Cohesiveness: Understands people and knows how to get them to pull together as a team.
  12. Resilient: Not easily discouraged. Is emotionally and psychologically strong. Is not overwhelmed by criticism or setbacks.
  13. Exercises Faith: Has a consistent walk with God and takes faith risks when convinced of God’s calling.


Students’ artwork adorns the walls like wallpaper and the smell of Play-Doh and markers is unmistakable. Poster boards of students’ timelines with colorful sticky notes border the walls, and long sheets of paper with the outlines of the students’ bodies for their “body maps” accompany them. The teacher helps students discover their talents and how to work with others.

This might describe a local kindergarten class, but it is actually a scene from one of the many Pioneering Boot Camps—the training ground for pioneering missionaries—held across the country. The training received at the boot camps strategically walks a pioneer through applying the thirteen skills of the Ridley assessment listed above.

Find a Boot Camp Near You

If you would like to bring a Pioneering Boot Camp to your campus or area, please contact Paul Austin.


We all recognize high performing athletes always have coaches around them to help them reach their goals. In ministry, a far more significant pursuit, we have the same opportunity. A pioneering coach will help you keep your focus as you navigate the political collegiate environment, guide you through team dynamics and building student leaders. Contact Delyn Cole to find a coach.

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More Information

Check out for more information about how to pioneer a campus.

Read the Fall 2013 issue of Chi Alpha Connection for stories of pioneering missionaries.

Pioneering Director Paul Austin and Coaching and Assessment Specialist Delyn Cole champion this ever-growing component of Chi Alpha.

Paul Austin

Pioneering Director

The Pioneering Director enhances our culture of local group multiplication through resourcing area and district leaders, training, equipping teams, and coaching pioneers.


Delyn Cole

Coaching and Assessment Specialist, Coach

The Coaching and Assessment Specialist coordinates and promotes national Chi Alpha’s Coaching and Pioneering Assessment program with emphasis on recruiting, training, and networking qualified coaches and assessors to address personal and ministry needs in the field.


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