There are a diverse number of people for which this training has proven beneficial.  The most common fall into the following three categories: Emerging New Director, Second Career New Director, and Church Sponsored New Directors (volunteers).

Emerging New Directors

The Emerging New Director track is designed for an associate Chi Alpha staff who has completed Reach the University and a residential CMIT, served on staff for a few years, is an AG licensed minister, and who desires to become a director. These leaders know Chi Alpha’s values, vision, and missionary/discipleship culture, but may lack some of the sharpened skills for leading a staff team and strategically growing ministry on campus to its next levels. The emerging new directors track equips great staff to become great pioneers and/or directors of existing ministries.

Second Career New Directors

The Second Career New Director track is designed for a marketplace leader and/or veteran minister who has served the Lord through the local church or mission assignments. They desire to make Chi Alpha their career path, but are unable to relocate for a residential CMIT program as part of their entry into their service with Chi Alpha. This leader tends to be solid theologically but needs time to understand the vision, values, and culture of Chi Alpha’s transgenerational discipleship strategy. This track also serves those who have already made the transition to Chi Alpha staff, didn’t complete a CMIT, and desire further training as a Chi Alpha director. The second career new director’s track equips leaders for chapter/team leadership and facilitates their acclimation into our missionary organization.

Note: A residential CMIT program is the ideal way for any leader to transition into Chi Alpha and be prepared for staff service. The residential CMIT program will equip a leader and if applicable, their family, to the culture, demands, and mission of Chi Alpha in a way that a long distance learning program cannot. It must be emphasized that all options for participating in a residential CMIT program should be exhausted before applying for New Director Training.

Church-Sponsored New (Volunteer) Directors

2019 is a beta year of development for church leaders who wish to plant a healthy Chi Alpha chapter on a campus in their community. These leaders will encounter Chi Alpha culture and mission as well as discover skills to reach students and build a trans-generational discipleship ministry on campus.

If you are not sure where you fit into one of these categories, contact Paul Austin.

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