U.S. Missions Agreement

U.S. Missions Agreement

Five Percent Administrative Fee

U.S. Missions Administration operates partially from the five percent administrative fee provided for in the General Council bylaws.

The following sources of income are subject to the five percent administrative fee:

  • All funds received through U.S. Missions except for special personal offerings for account holders paid through U.S. Missions that are eligible for that benefit.
  • All funds received by the account holder from any AG entity even if the giver doesn’t want a receipt.
  • All funds received by the account holder used to pay salary and benefits. (Benefits include, but are not limited to: housing, insurances, bonuses).
  • Sometimes account holders need to send in funds to cover the five percent if it not covered by cash receipts received into the U.S. Missions account.
  • Annually a copy of the account holder’s W-2 or 1099 will need to be submitted to U.S. Missions Accounting.

Exceptions to the five percent administrative fee:

  • Funds received from sales of ministry generated products.

Five Percent Half-Tithe

U.S. Missions account holders are assigned to a department within U.S. Missions. These departments operate partially from the five percent half-tithes provided for in the General Council bylaws. For account holders paid by U.S. Missions the half-tithes are automatically deducted to the department. For those account holders paid outside of U.S. Missions (i.e. church, district, corporation) the half-tithes will need to be sent in through the giving process.

Jurisdiction of Funds

U.S. Missions holds jurisdiction over all contributions to our account holders. U.S. Missions may adjust or withhold these funds as deemed necessary including but not limited to, delinquency of reporting, moral failure, and other unresolved issues affecting one’s ability to serve with U.S. Missions.

I understand the above statements and agree to cooperate with these guidelines.

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