Convictions are meant to be taught first to create a firm foundation of WHY we do the things we do and who we do them for. The convictions are divided into 3 categories: Real Devotion, Real Community, and Real Responsibility. 

Practics are meant to be taught closer to the start of the school year to shorten the gap between information and implementation as small group leaders are more likely to remember what they most recently did. 

Lessons range from audio, video, and PDF.  The content is taught from Chi Alpha missionaries across the nation in various training events.  If you feel a certain lesson is better delivered by another teacher, feel free to substitute a lesson as desired. The big win is not the delivery of the principle, but the principle itself. 

Every lesson is followed by questions that Chi Alpha staff can walk through with the leadership training candidate in a personal or mobile setting.  They are one on one based instead of academic based. The questions are designed to see if the candidate grasped the material and can move to the next lesson, or needs to experience it again. If the staff member experiences the training with the candidate, the follow up questions will be more understandable and the conversations more fruitful. 

Time Frame

LTC GO is designed to be used in a mobile way. The leadership training can happen in a class or individually, on campus or outside of it. This gives flexibility for working one’s way through the content. Phase 1 has about 9 hours worth of content, Phase 2 has about 4 hours worth of content, for around 13 hours total. The class can be executed in one hour a day for 13 days or one hour a week for 13 weeks, or whatever variation the Chi Alpha campus thinks is best.


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