Not all Christian counselors are the same. Much like preachers, there are the good, the bad, and the ugly. Some consider their professional and faith worlds to be separate. They are counselors who are also Christian in their faith. Usually they have a Sunday school education in the Bible and a masters or doctorate in psychology. Their practice of counseling is essentially secular, but with an openness to talking about matters of faith.

Then there are non-professionals who practice counseling more informally and do not endeavor to study or utilize the research of the helping professions.

Christian counselors who practice biblically integrative counseling, like those at MyCounselor.Online, have an entirely different approach. We see counseling as discipleship and ourselves as part of the “gifts” to the body Paul talks about. We’re committed to providing counsel that is led by the Spirit and applies the Truths of Scripture to the specific situations people are facing, by means of the best practices mental health research has identified.

To accomplish this we study the scriptures, theology, and the research of helping professions. Many of us have formal academic degrees in Biblical studies, ministerial ordination, and pastoral experience in addition to our degrees in counseling and state licensures.

For the pastor/missionary, utilizing a team approach to discipleship that includes professional counseling has many benefits; a few of which are:

  • Serve more people, better.
  • Have less stress and enjoy your work more.
  • Have more mental and emotional energy to give to your family.
  • And, have peace of mind that you have connected those facing the highest intensity challenges with the care they need to thrive.
  • Prevent the few intense situations that can consume majority of your energy from diminishing your investment in the people God has called you to (80/20 principle).

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