All Nations

  • Postponed until 2022, but XAi Leadership Intensive (LIT) will be available. This training was created initially due to COVID restrictions, but has proved to be extremely fruitful. 
  • LIT is designed to work alongside the leadership training you are already doing on your campus, but focuses on the specific needs of international students.
  • This event is not a substitute for All Nations, nor is it a “next best thing.” It is a main-stage, fully-designed training specifically for Christian international students. 
  • Details coming soon to

Discover the Nations

  • Discover the Nations is being offered online February 27 from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm and registration ends February 24. To register and find more information, go here.

New Director Training (NDT)

  • NDT is designed to equip emerging directors and pioneers to direct a local ministry. This cohort-based training begins with RUI.
  • There is also a track for Church Staff and/or Volunteers and Second-Career Leaders.
  • Applications are due February 28th for Emerging Directors, Pioneering, and Second-Career cohorts and March 28th for the church staff/volunteer cohort.
  • Get more details here

We Live Missions Week

  • We are calling all of XA Nation to get involved with National We Live Missions Week this March 1-5, 2021. 
  • Activities include connections with world missionaries (who are stateside and excited to come to your campus at their expense), nationwide 24-hour prayer, giving towards a nationwide feedONE project, a powerful missions message by E. Scott and Crystal Martin, and more.
  • Get the details for students and staff.

Virtual We Live Missions Experiences

  • Mike Godzwa said that the Virtual We Live Missions Experiences have been the highlight of their year! Another veteran campus pastor with lots of missions experience said he thought these would be sub par consolations compared to actually going but he saidy they actually rank up there in the top with trips he’s actually done in person.
  • Several groups that have not done international trips before participated and now their students are excited about missions like never before.
  • Many groups are considering ways to make these virtual experiences an on-going part of their discipleship and missions training strategy.
  • Students are applying the evangelism training they received on campus, they’re engaging internationals with confidence and compassion, and a significant number are pursuing longer term service after graduation. 
  • A group of students on one campus gathered for a spontaneous prayer meeting to seek the empowerment of the Holy Spirit after hearing their missionaries speak of it’s necessity in their lives.
  • We’ve learned a lot over the past year. There’s a way to create these experiences so they are powerful. Brian and the Expeditions team are happy to assist.

Plus Nothing Bibles

  • We have been given a generous opportunity to get these Bibles into the hands of students—the full Gospel story in a compact form and available for free. Go to for more information.

Support Raising Trainings

  • Reminder that support raising trainings are coming up within the next month. We are leaning in to establish a fully-funded culture for healthy staff long-term.
  • See your area director for details or go to

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