mikeolejarzMy name is Mike Olejarz. I created and started sending the Monday Motivator out each Monday to my students at M.I.T. several years ago, as a way of helping them live out the teachings of Jesus. I’ve scoured my archives and created a year’s worth of my best emails. If you sign up below you’ll begin receiving one email each Monday for the next 52 weeks.

I organize the material I write based on the five objectives developed by the Washington D.C. Chi Alpha Team. These five objectives sum up everything we do in our work among students:

1 We believe that a student should grow devotionally: This involves a growing intimacy with God through the study of

Scripture, prayer, worship, and active service.

2 We believe that a student should think theologically: God gave us Scripture to guide our understanding. We study the Scriptures to learn who God is, who we are, how we should live, and how we should serve.

3 We believe that a student should live communally: Jesus came to reconcile us to God and to each other. He calls us out of isolation and into a new community where we can begin to practice the love he inspires in each of us.

4 We believe that a student should walk wisely: Christianity is not merely a set of beliefs. It is a way of life. Jesus called all of us to be his disciples. A disciple works to put Jesus’ teaching into action.

5 We believe that a student should serve globally: Christianity involves rolling our sleeves up and getting our hands dirty. Love means nothing if it doesn’t change lives. We are committed to service locally and throughout the Earth.

The Monday Motivator is also available in the Chi Alpha App as an audio series you can listen to on your way to class! Download Chi Alpha App


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