How is my personal allowance determined by AGUSM and what changes are coming in 2019?

  • Base personal allowances are receiving an inflationary raise
  • There is no longer a difference in the base personal allowance for singles vs married missionaries
  • Career missionary associates who qualified as MA 1 are now being re-designated as Career Missionary Associate (CA)
2019 AGUSM Salary Chart
AGUSM Cost of Living Level 1. Cost of Living Level 2. Cost of Living Level 3
Non-career Missionary Associate/CMIT 2514 2998 3561
Career Associate 3143 3748 4451
Appointed Missionary (Nationally Appointed) 3771 4497 5342

What other changes are coming from XA?


  • XA will begin collecting budgets for all missionary associates (CMIT, MA, and CA). The missionary budget is the total the missionary needs each month for personal salary, work and benefits.
  • XA will monitor budgetary and underfunded best practices for all missionaries (CMIT, MA, CA, AG)

What is included in a missionary budget?

  • Short-term assignment (max 3 years)
  • CMIT/MA= personal allowance + medical + work. (Yearly)
  • Long-term assignment (credentials and CMIT/Equiv. required)
  • CA=personal allowance + medical + MBA (retirement) + work (Missionary Term)

How do I submit a missionary budget?

  • Submit a Budget sheet for CMITs, MAs (MA2) See linked file CMIT & Short-term Missionary Associate Budget
  • Submit a Budget sheet for Career Associates (formerly MA1s) See linked file Career Associate Budget

Submit your completed budget sheet to Jeff, XA Personnel Director

Does my budget need to be accurate?

  • Yes. Your budget enables XA to measure your health. You are required to raise your budget and to maintain in for missionary health.

Can my personal allowance be adjusted?

Am I able to reduce my personal allowance?

  • Yes. You may request your personal allowance to be reduced down to the minimal requirement for missionary health. (The min. is determined by location and family size)
  • Short-term MA/CMIT- minimum is 100% of livable wage
  • (CMIT min. is $1500 for a single in COL 1)
  • Long-term CA- minimum is 125% of livable wage
  • Many singles may choose to lower their personal allowance since it has been increased significantly (increased to married rate)

Is it possible to increase a personal allowance?

    • Yes. You may request your personal allowance to be increased for missionary health.


    1. Missionary Email to Personnel Director ( with requested increase and the reason it is needed (ie. Housing costs)
    2. XA Personnel approval (100-125% livable wage for CMITs/MAs, 125-150% livable for CA/AG) (Larger families with one income will often need an increase for financial health)
    3. District Conversation
    4. XA Personnel files a USMEC request to increase the personal allowance

If you need any assistance, please connect with Jeff Alexander, XA’s Personnel Director for Assistance.

Career Associate Budget Sheet

Short Term Missionary Associate Budget Sheet

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