You might be surprised to learn that anxiety is a good thing. God designed our body to use an anxiety response to help us stay safe and be productive.  

When we’re on a hike and a bear jumps out the woods, our anxiety response prepares our body for survival. When our alarm goes off and we really don’t feel like getting out of bed, our anxiety helps us. The angst that comes from the thought of losing our job and not being able to pay our bills motivates us to get out of bed. When the Holy Spirit brings conviction, He utilizes the anxiety pathway in our body to get our attention.   

Anxiety is our friend, not our enemy. Without it, we would be a mess.  

But sometimes a good thing turns bad.  

What God intended to be a friend to us can become a real enemy. When we are fearful of things we need not be, or fearful to an unhealthy degree, our anxiety begins to create some real problems for us.  

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