Welcome to Biblical Interpretation. Based on the best-selling Grasping God’s Word, this course will help you develop the skills necessary to read the Bible for theological and spiritual nourishment.

We’ve broken the course into 16 units that start with general issues of interpretation and build to teaching you how to interpret specific types of literature found in the Bible. In each unit, you will take four steps. First, a unit overview will give you an overarching view of the key content. The overview includes lectures from the textbook authors themselves, who will guide you through the material. Second, the unit study pages will give you the opportunity to dive deeply into the material. In these sections, personal reflection questions will cause you to stop and contemplate the material carefully before moving on. Third, the unit review pages give you the chance to review the material from the unit in two important ways. Then, you will review the material by carefully answering in-depth questions about the ideas in the chapter, and you will begin to apply what you learn to actual passages from the Bible. Fourth, the unit assessment provides you the opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of the unit’s content. Once you’ve progressed through the overview, study, and review steps, you will be ready to show what you know and receive a grade reflecting your knowledge.

Understanding the Bible correctly and rightly relating its meaning to life require using the right approach and tools to dig deeper into Scripture. Based on the popular textbook Grasping God’s Word by Old Testament scholar J. Daniel Hays and New Testament expert J. Scott Duvall, this course provides a simple and clear introduction to reading the Word of God carefully and in context, interpreting it, and then applying it faithfully.

Video lectures and practical, hands-on exercises accompany each lesson’s instruction. Designed to follow Hays and Duvall’s memorable “Interpretive Journey” framework, this course will equip both formal students and lay students in the foundational, trustworthy principles of sound biblical interpretation.

Supporting textbook: Grasping God’s Word, 3rd Edition

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