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Continuum of Care is a term borrowed from the medical community. It describes an array of different levels of care spanning from preventive education and checkups to more intense interventions. The idea is that if a person can be educated on the value of brushing, flossing, and regular cleanings, then the pain, distraction, and expense of a root canal can, in many cases, be avoided.

When applied to discipleship and healthy leaders, the goal is to promote productive ministry and to prevent as much pain as is possible through good education, identifying potential struggles early, and connecting people quickly with resources at just the right level of support to avoid bigger problems down the road.

As a rule, prevention and early identification allows for faster, easier, and less expensive addressing of an issue. Which, in turn, means less loss of productivity, distraction from effective ministry, and greater enjoyment of life.

HealthyLeaders Continuum of Care

The healthy leaders continuum of care consist of 5 levels: 1) Self-Directed Resources, 2) Coaches, 3) Tier 1 Professional Help, 4) Tier 2 Professional Help, and 5) Tier 3 Professional Help.

Self-Directed Resources

Online courses, like this one, articles, books, videos, and podcasts that you can engage on your own or recommend to those you lead are what is meant by “Self-Directed Resources”. These are fairly inexpensive or free and easy to access.

They contain the wisdom of the ages distilled into something you can learn from and apply to your situation. Many times, what you learn can help you navigate around potential pitfalls that otherwise could create distress in your life.

C.A.R.E Givers

Lay leaders who volunteer their time and who have received training on mentoring / discipling individuals facing tough challenges – these are what we are calling “C.A.R.E Givers”. Chances are you function in this capacity at some level with the people you lead. There’s value in having individuals you can turn to as well to walk with you through difficulties you encounter along life’s journey.

As an organization, we’re providing specific training to individuals identified as coaches to create a network of people that you can reach out to as needed.

Tier 1 Professional Help

This level of care represents professionally trained coaches, counselors in training, and provisionally licensed professionals online who are able to provide support under the supervision of an experienced clinical team. These are confidential professional services at a cost-efficient price point. 3 Free Sessions/ then $35 per session. – Care provided by:FreeChristianCounseling.Online

Tier 2 Professional Help

Professional help online for life’s toughest challenges. When you or someone you care about needs the help of an experienced professional, these licensed clinicians can provide confidential, specialized care. $75-$155 per session – Care provided by: MyCounselor.Online

Tier 3 Professional Help

Sometimes situations call for intensive or in-patient treatment, where a person travels to a clinic to receive care from specialists in their area of struggle. Care coordinated through MyCounselor.Online and provided by specialty clinics.

Easy Access to Help

The goal of the continuum of care is that you would have easy access to help for yourself and those you lead no matter how big or small the struggle.


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