Inspiring the next step.

As someone on the front line, and possibly the first person to connect, it can be tempting to want to seek out a fix. This is particularly the case since other people’s pain or suffering often activates our own fears. A part of us will want them to be better, so we can feel better.

So it’s important to note that this final part of the conversation is not about a fix.

Exploring the available resources is simply intended to encourage forward movement. You won’t have the answer, and you’re not supposed to. Instead, you get to be a sign-post pointing to some options IF they want to pursue them. The most valuable resource will often be other people: professional counselors, spiritual directors, and/or coaches. You’re not responsible to pressure them into taking the next step. Simply offer an invitation for them to consider what might be helpful and help them identify where to find it. If they want help, help them make the call.

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