Making a referral to counseling can trigger a number of strong emotions in both the person referring and the person being referred. On the one hand, the person referring might feel like they have failed the individual by not being able to provide everything they need. Or, they might feel like they are abandoning the person. On the other hand, the person being referred might feel abandoned, or that they are “crazy” or too broken for you to help.

In both cases, it’s important to normalize a referral to counseling as simply what wise people do. Wise people seek out counsel from those with training and experience. Wise disciplers serve those they minister to by helping them connect with the right kind of care for their situation. We work together as a team in the body of Christ to serve one another, each being conduits of God’s grace into the others life according to God’s design.

Point them in the right direction.

Googling for help produces a lot of results…how do you know which are trustworthy? Helping individuals connect with resources they can trust to help and not further hurt is incredibly valuable.

For professional counseling, MyCounselor.Online provides services that are confidential, Biblical, and clinically trustworthy. All the members of the team are recruited, interviewed, and trained by Josh Spurlock. Unlike at talkspace, betterhelp, psychology today, or any other online counseling platform where anyone can sign up as a counselor with little or no screening.

MyCounselor.Online is certainly not the only reliable place you can refer to, but it is one you can refer to with confidence. Our online platform allows people to come to us by video, from anywhere in the world. That means we can connect them with a specialist in the area they need help, even if there isn’t one in your geographic locale.

For those with financial challenges, our online clinic – FreeChristianCounseling.Online – provides 3 free sessions, then reduced fee sessions of just $35. All the clinicians are counselors in training under the supervision of our experienced clinical team at MyCounselor.Online. They are sharp individuals with a strong commitment to excellence who are gaining experience in therapy through the clinic.

Send them a link.

It can be scary scheduling a counseling appointment. You can help the person you are referring by sending them a link and encouraging them to take action. You can copy the URL link from the “Connect With Help” page on HealthyLeaders website or MyCounselor.Online and text it to them. You might even sit with them as they complete the online “Request an Appointment” form. Next time you see them ask if they have connected with a counselor yet.

You might also put into their hands the double-sided referral card from MyCounselor.Online. One side describes the services offered by MyCounselor.Online and displays the contact information. The opposite side contains information for FreeChristianCounseling.Online. Sleeves of referral cards can be requested by contacting Josh Spurlock – Josh.Spurlock@MyCounselor.Online or 720-306-8992.


Effective counseling doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Even after a person connects with a professional counselor, they need the support of people outside of counseling to apply what they are learning. Ask the person how counseling is going. Offer to process with them what they are learning or if you can help support the work they are doing in any way. Discipleship is a team effort!

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