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Lies of the Enemy

The enemy of our soul is a liar. He’s been using the same lies to trick and entrap God’s kids for thousands of years. We can learn to identify the common lies the enemy uses, so they won’t have the power to be obstacles to us.

The Lie Truth
Needing help means I’m a spiritual failure. Only weak and immature Christians struggle. Everybody struggles. The mark of Christian maturity is struggling well. This means having the humility and courage to allow the body to bear your burdens with you and resource you with the support you need to be healthy.
If I struggle, I’m not worthy of Christ’s Kingdom. All of God’s giants are weak people who do great things because they humbly depend on God to supply what they lack. They accept the primary mechanism of God’s supply, His body. People empowered by His Spirit.
If I share what I’m going through it will destroy my ministry. The truth sets free. Confession leads to healing and a hopeful future. The person who goes it alone is in real trouble. They can’t get out of the pit or fend off attack (Eccl 4:9-12).
I’m spiritually strong enough to handle this on my own, I don’t need to burden anyone else with it. Pride hides struggles and sets us up for a fall. Humility trusts others to bear our burdens with us, confront us when needed, and love us through the difficulty.
God is disappointed with me, and everyone else will be as well. God knew and understood every struggle you will every face before you were born. His grace is sufficient for your every failure- past, present, future. While you might struggle different than the next person, we all struggle. Mature believers walk in a humble awe of God’s grace for their shortcomings, not in a disappointed judgement of yours.
No one will understand. Some people will not understand and will respond immaturely. However, God has mature believers in the body who will “get it” and will come along side you in the journey.


Sometimes we just don’t know what we don’t know. As the Scriptures say, there’s nothing new under the sun…and I think Solomon plagiarized that. The point is, people and their problems have been around for thousands of years. There is a real good chance (like 100%) that others have faced the same challenges as you. You can learn from their experience and navigate the challenge with less pain and greater success if you look to that wisdom instead of stumbling through on your own. Ignorance is curable.

Prideful Superiority Complex

Pride has a way of convincing us that somehow, we are immune to “those struggles” that others face. Especially when it comes to areas of struggle we don’t identify with. That is, struggles we’ve never faced personally so don’t really understand experientially.

Most of us aren’t brash enough to actually say this out loud, but in our heart, we believe it. The evidence is in the disdain and disbelief we have for others struggles and our own inability to admit to our self or others our struggles.

We wrongly believe that not admitting to our weaknesses makes them not real. That leaders should appear to be all but perfect to set an example. Being transparent about any but the most superficial flaws is to be avoided at all cost.

This leads to the “masks” we wear to hide our flaws and hopefully gain acceptance, however shallow. Our relationships lack intimacy because if anyone was to get close they would see through the charade. The cracks in the veneer would become noticeable.

Our isolated life, though it may be lived out in a crowd, keeps us trapped and vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy. It undermines our peace, joy, and effectiveness in the kingdom.


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