Pornography violates the Scriptures and the heart of God on a few points:

  1. Enjoyment of other peoples’ sin doesn’t please God;
  2. Even if the people in the porn are supposedly married, they are not married to you! Your voyeuristically watching their sex life does not honor their marriage bed, or yours (present or future);
  3. Porn is exploitive and disrespectful to God’s daughters;
  4. Beauty and sexuality belong to the individual and their spouse to enjoy, it’s not yours;
  5. Porn perverts and distorts normal, healthy sex as God designed (see chart below):
Sex is using someoneSex is caring for someone
Sex is “doing to” someoneSex is sharing with a spouse
Sex is a performance for othersSex is a private experience
Sex is compulsiveSex is a natural drive
Sex is a public commoditySex is a personal treasure
Sex is watching othersSex is about genuine connection
Sex is separate from loveSex is an expression of love
Sex can be hurtfulSex is nurturing
Sex is emotionally distantSex is emotionally close
Sex can happen anytimeSex requires certain conditions
Sex is unsafeSex is safe
Sex can be degradingSex is always respectful
Sex can be irresponsibleSex is approached responsibly
Sex is devoid of moralitySex requires morals and values
Sex lacks healthy communicationSex requires healthy communication
Sex involves deceptionSex requires honesty
Sex is based on visual imagerySex involves all the senses
Sex has no ethical limitsSex has ethical boundaries
Sex requires a double lifeSex enhances who you really are
Sex compromises your valuesSex reflects your values
Sex feels shamefulSex enhances self-esteem
Sex is impulse gratificationSex is lasting satisfaction
© 2008, Wendy Maltz & Larry Maltz, from The Porn Trap: The Essential Guide to Overcoming Problems Caused By Pornography (p. 182). (poster #1)

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