Whew! There is a lot of wonderful material in the prophets. Certainly, these spokesmen from the Lord give us rich and deep teachings about the character of God. They also speak powerfully to us about our character and our behavior, using incredibly colorful and gripping poetic language that both sears and soars. Yet their basic message can be summarized into three simple points:

  • You have broken the covenant; you had better repent!
  • No repentance? Then judgment!
  • Yet, there is hope beyond the judgement for a glorious, future restoration.

At the heart of their message, intertwined into all the different aspects of the prophetic word, we find the constant theme of God’s relationship with his people. Studying the prophets can help you to understand better the character of God and to grasp for yourself what God expects of you in your relationship with him and with your fellow human beings.

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