Reviewing Sentences

Let’s review quickly what we have covered so far in this unit.

  • Repetition of words—Look for words and phrases that repeat.
  • Contrasts—Look for ideas, individuals, and/or items that are contrasted with each other.
  • Comparisons—Look for ideas, individuals, and/or items that are compared with each other. Look also for similarities.
  • Lists—Note where the text mentions more than two items.
  • Cause and effect—There may be more than one effect from a single cause mentioned in the text.
  • Figures of speech—Look for expressions that convey an image,using words in a sense other than the literal sense.
  • Conjunctions—Notice terms that join units, like “and,” “but,” “for.” Note what they are connecting.
  • Verbs—Note whether a verb is past, present, or future; active or passive; also look for imperatives.
  • Pronouns—Identify the antecedent for each pronoun.

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