Conclusion Role of the Spirit

Much of Grasping God’s Word is concerned with proper interpretive methodology, and we make no apologies for that. The methods and procedures needed to understand the Bible will always be important. There is no such thing as autopilot interpretation, where we flip a “spiritual” switch and God does it all for us. Nevertheless, we don’t want to leave you with the impression that grasping God’s Word involves nothing more than the application of a particular method. There is a real danger of overintellectualizing what it means to hear the divine Author. The interpretive task is not simply an intellectual one; it involves our entire being and the help of the Holy Spirit. Consequently, spiritual preparation becomes crucial for perceiving the truth of the Scriptures and receiving that truth into your life.

When we truly grasp God’s Word, we go beyond a series of steps to a dynamicinteraction with the Spirit of God. We listen more intently than we listen even to our best friend. We throw off pride and laziness and study diligently and submissively, not because we love study for study’s sake but because we love God. Rather than being a burden, studying God’s Word becomes an act of joyful worship as we enter into a heavenly conversation. As you study the Bible, remember to pray that the Spirit will work in your heart so that you will have ears to hear what he is saying.

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