CMIT Programs

The Classic Model

The Classic model for a CMIT local program is a one campus - one staff team model.  All interns learn and grow on one campus, and relate to each other daily.  The intern goes deep into the culture of one campus and knows one staff team well.  The Classic Model has served Chi Alpha extremely well since the 1970s. 

Central Washington University

Ellensburg, WA

This CMIT program has been in existence since 1988. It requires a ten-month commitment (September through mid-June) on the CWU campus. It is designed to train individuals for full-time campus ministry under the supervision of an experienced staff person. It is a time to test your call to campus ministry as well as render service to the work of the Lord for a school year. Thorough biblical education and personal spiritual development is the foundation of this CMIT program.

Michael Mowry

Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO

The CSU CMIT program's focus is on training and raising up Chi Alpha personnel in team pioneering, planting foreign campus ministries, and small group based ministry. Whether looking at foreign missions, doing XA with your friends, or just want to gain some more experience in ministry before going into the marketplace we would love to see you at CSU!

Nate Banke

Columbus State University

Columbus, GA

Columbus State is a freshly pioneered non-traditional campus in Georgia. You’ll be given a well-rounded learning experience in theology, relational ministry, and the basics of Classic Chi Alpha with emphasis on discipleship, strong Fall Outreach, student leadership development, prayer, missions, and fellowship on a growing state school campus with a blend of residential students and a large population of commuters. During your training, you’ll hear from our talented Chi Alpha staff from all over Georiga and get a chance to look into what Chi Alpha looks like at a large flagship school, on urban campuses, and at a large regional campus in a small college town.

Ouida Bradford

Edinboro State University

Edinboro, PA

Edinboro University is a state school of more than 7,000 students  and sits on a beautiful 500 acre campus.  The CMIT program here is an extremely relational ministry experience.  We offer training filled with direct ministry opportunities.  We stress the importance of spiritual growth and personal development as ministry requires and mentor our interns very relationally.  Our model focuses on student leader development emphasizing a passionate pursuit of Christ and responsibility in ministry.

Joel Schreiber

Fairmont State University

Fairmont, WV

The Fairmont State Chi Alpha and CMIT program is distinctive in its birth out of and close connection to the local church, with our director serving on staff at a church.  Fairmont State University is a small commuter campus.  Small group discipleship, relational evangelism, and a missions trip experience form the core of the intern’s hands-on experience.  Theological studies, preaching labs, and practical/pastoral ministry training provide the “why” for “what” our interns, staff and students do.  Additionally, each intern is mentored by an experienced staff person throughout the early-August to late-May internship.  “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.”  Our primary desire is to grow teams of workers for campus missions for Jesus’ harvest field in the Northeast.

Matt Sprenger

Idaho State University

Pocatello, ID

Idaho State Chi Alpha is primed for reaching the world for Christ. Our internship is set on a campus of 13,000 students. It is primarily a commuter campus yet we have been able to establish a vibrant ministry. Of the 13,000 students; 9,000 are Mormon with less than 500 non-Catholic Christians. ISU is a dark place and we love it. The environment is a perfect place to learn cross cultural ministry as well as a preparation place for reaching those trapped in other religions. We believe we are a world launching point because of the environment of Idaho State University as well as a launching point for Chi Alpha across the U.S. including Utah which currently has no Chi Alpha ministry on any of the 13 campuses. Come and join in a team approach to ministry as we break the darkness.

Daniel Miller

North Carolina State University


Raleigh, NC

NCSU Chi Alpha will provide interns an excellent experience as they work and learn alongside our team of veteran ministers. Interns will be stretched, challenged and equipped to become wiser and stronger as ministers of the gospel. Our aim is to produce self-aware, strategic and servant-hearted leaders. Each intern will receive personal attention from a pastoral supervisor and receive hands on training in areas like small group discipleship, campus evangelism and missions mobilization. We also offer training for those who are interested in focusing on ministry to internationals.

Brian Hargett

North Dakota State University/Minnesota State University Moorhead


Fargo, ND/Moorhead, MN

This CMIT program has a strong emphasis on the power of the Holy Spirit and loving people. The ministry here has a three-fold strategy of: strong large-group meetings, relationally-based small groups, and numerous ministry opportunities for students. The program of study also includes theological studies, preaching ministry development, mentoring skills, and personal development. The program will run from ten months from mid-August to mid-June.

Brad Lewis

University of Arkansas

Fayetteville, AR

It's Hawg-Wild Missions at the University of Arkansas! Here we focus on training interns who want to walk onto a campus and create something from nothing. Our program focuses on mentorship. We provide hands-on, practical ministry and lots of time with the senior campus pastor. Each week there are approximately 120 students in our main meeting and 140 in cell groups. We have a strong focus on cell (small group) multiplication.

Ronnie Hoover

University of Central Arkansas

Conway, AR

The University of Central Arkansas is a primarily residential campus of 13,000 students. The DNA of the Chi Alpha here is marked by intimate discipleship, sacrificial prayer and fasting, and a deep desire to care for the poor and oppressed. CMITs will be challenged to a holistic approach to life and ministry. Discipleship, theological study, physical fitness, preaching, teaching, a healthy marriage and family, spiritual disciplines, and a deep revelation of the Father's heart are just a few of the things you will experience during your time at UCA.

Matt Carpenter

University of Minnesota-Duluth

Duluth, MN

More information coming soon.

Chuck Haavik

University of Vermont

Burlington, VT

The University of Vermont is nestled between the beautiful Green Mountains and the shores of Lake Champlain, and it is home to nearly 13,000 students. Burlington is not only the birthplace of Ben and Jerry’s. It was also named by Barna as the second most post-Christian city in America. Vermont is consistently ranked as the least churched and least religious state in the nation. Northern New England is home to more than 90 universities and colleges, yet fewer than 25 have any Christian ministry presence.

UVM’s CMIT program will challenge you through theological studies, practical ministry skill development, and character formation. Our goal is to prepare missional leaders to serve in the post-Christian context of New England and the Northeast.

Joe Gavin

University of Virginia

Charlottesville, VA

UVA is the largest and most influential Chi Alpha group in the Northeast region. As staff, the most important gift that we can give to a CMIT is our lives. In relationship with you, we will be sharing the real nature of our walk with Jesus and our service to Him. We will invite you to know us and grow with us. At UVA Chi Alpha, we seek to train leaders and point them in the direction of Northeast Chi Alpha ministerial openings.

Pete Bullette

Washington State University

Pullman, Washington

More information coming soon.

Steve Barke

Western Washington University

Bellingham, WA

The WWU internship was the first in Chi Alpha. It is known nationwide for its excellence and has had over 170 interns successfully complete the program. The internship offers graduate-level experience in Biblical/Pastoral Studies, Theology and Preaching. At the same time we mentor each intern personally through one-on-one relationships with an experienced Chi Alpha pastor. We not only offer a "traditional" program we also offer internships that focus on "Chi Alpha internationals" and "Athletic Department Ministry." Each intern participates fully with the staff in the oversight of one of the largest Chi Alphas in the nation. The education of the mind, nurturing of deep ethical character and the development of mentoring and evangelistic skills - that's what the internship is all about.

Brady Bobbink

The Hub Model 

The Hub Model for a CMIT program is a multi-campus, multi-staff team model.  One campus hosts the CMIT director and serves as the central and administrative Hub, while additional campuses serve as satellite sites.  Interns are placed on different campuses and come together regularly for classes and district events.  This model was first pioneered in urban Chi Alpha ministries over ten years ago. 

Eastern Michigan University

Ypsilanti, MI

The Michigan CMIT program is a state wide collaboration offering you opportunity to grow in multiple venues as you prepare to do campus ministry. Our heart is to prepare you to reach the diverse campus you will be placed at as well as reach the diverse cultures that accompany these establishments. The main hub is located at Eastern Michigan University in southeast Michigan with campuses, like University of Michigan, being added to enhance the experience and opportunity for growth in ministry. This internship provides training in theology and ministry, and will give you great opportunity for personal development and empowerment as you pursue God's call on your life.

Sarah Jackson


The Indiana CMIT program is a state wide collaboration which specializes in developing pioneers. Interns will receive hands on experience in all areas of campus missions, including discipleship, strategic thinking, and theological development. Our staff is committed to seeing you develop into the unique leader God has gifted you to be. Currently our program begins in mid December and runs a full twelve months. To request a manual or for more information contact the Indiana State Director Jeff Alexander at

Jeff Alexander

Louisiana Diversity Project

Lafayette, LA

The Louisiana Diversity Project is a combination of the best in campus ministry that the state of Louisiana has to offer. Every campus missionary in Louisiana will be a part of your training! You will be challenged in the areas of theological studies, practical ministerial skills, and character development. You can choose what campus you want to experience your practical ministry training. We offer everything from private urban to small state residential campuses. You will be exposed to African-American ministry, international student ministry, athletic ministry, and a variety of evangelistic outreaches and growing cell group ministry.

Eric Treuil

Northern California & Nevada District

Davis, CA

We offer a district-wide internship experience on world renown universities. Our district Chi Alpha team has an amazingly deep bench of leaders who desire to pass their legacy on to a new generation of leaders. We've been praying that the Lord of the Harvest would raise up laborers for this harvest field, and you might be the answer to our prayers. We invite you to join us in this worthy cause.

Glen Davis

Sam Houston State University

Huntsville, TX

The CMIT program at SHSU is designed to give interns a well-rounded experience in campus missions, with a program stressing hands-on training in small group discipleship, international student ministry, and with missions trip planning experience. Also included in the program is theological study geared toward both personal and preaching opportunities in church and large group campus settings. Our emphasis in ministry at SHSU is relational evangelism. This is an excellent training ground for learning how to relationally pioneer and build other campus ministries.

Eli Gautreaux

University of North Texas

Denton, TX

The UNT Internship is birthed out of a desire to train and equip future leaders and campus pastors for long term ministry. Our base campus, the University of North Texas, is centrally located only one hour north of Dallas. Our strengths are building a healthy community, organizational excellence, and training. Our vision is to provide a diversity of ministry through offering experiences on this and satellite campuses across the North Texas District. We have campuses offering intensive experiences with discipleship, residential as well as commuter ministry, leadership development, worship and fine arts training, mature international friendship ministry, and strategic campus evangelism. During your intern experience you will not only learn hands on ministry and receive a deeper spiritual education, but you will also be challenged to learn and implement the value of strategy and excellence in preparation and presentation of yourselves and your ministry. Click the link to learn much more about what we have to offer you! 

Nathan Wesson

Are you interested in starting a CMIT program on your campus?   Please contact Dr. Harvey Herman.

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