The National Chi Alpha Ministry Center exists to provide the Chi Alpha movement with Apostolic Covering, Prophetic Voice, Keepers of the Trust, Administration, and Bureaucracy.

Executive Ministry Team

Dr. E. Scott Martin

Senior National Director

The senior national director of Chi Alpha is the face and voice of Chi Alpha to the campus, Church, and society at large. More photos of Scott and his full bio are available here.

417-862-2781 ext. 1415

Jeff Alexander

People and Health Director

The people and health director facilitates the oversight of personnel and services provided to missionaries and staff through pastoral care.

Stefanie Chappell

Program Director

The national Program Director oversees the development and implementation of  Chi Alpha’s national program and strategy across the nation. More photos of Stefanie and her full bio are available here.

Crystal Martin

Cross-Cultural Missions Director

The national cross-cultural missions director engages students and staff as life-long missional witnesses to cross boundaries of culture, geography, language, nationality, ethnicity, and race. More photos of Crystal and her full bio are available here.

Severin Lwali

XAi Director

The XAi director is the ambassador for international student ministry to Chi Alpha staff, students, and the church at large.

Alex Rodriguez

Training Director

The national training director is responsible to establish the core curricula for staff training, preside over essential staff training events, direct the Campus Missionary-in-Training internship program, and oversee the creation of staff training resources for Chi Alpha Campus Ministries.

Robbie Anderson

Advancement Director

The Advancement Director stewards the advancement of National Chi Alpha by building favor in the General Council of the Assemblies of God while providing leadership, covering, and direction to Chi Alpha Communications and Alumni initiatives, as well as assisting on the Chi Alpha Advancement team.

Support Staff

Support staff work at the National Chi Alpha Ministry Center in Springfield, Missouri and perform day-to-day ministry duties.

William LeRoy

Marketing Manager

The marketing manager directs and coordinates all communication, marketing, and brand strategies that move forward the mission and vision of Chi Alpha for our local and national initiatives.

Lainie Battaglia

National Program Director Administrative Coordinator

The administrative coordinator to the National Program Director facilitates the administration, communication, and ministry responsibilities for the advancement of National Programme.

Yasmin Flores

Finance Specialist

The finance specialist serves the National Office by helping all Chi Alpha teams maintain budgets and project workflows.

Graeme Alexander

People and Health Team Coordinator

The people and health team coordinator leads project management and helps achieve the goals of the people and health director while accomplishing the 6 core responsibilities.

Jordan Lemons

Communications Special Projects Coordinator

The Special Projects Coordinator provides project management strategies that allows for timely project organization, execution, and deliverables that align with the overall vision of Chi Alpha.

Taylor Albertini

Process and Project Manager

The Process & Project Manager oversees practices and projects to ensure they are in alignment with the values, vision, and mission of Chi Alpha, U.S. Missions, and the General Council Assemblies of God.

Sarah Aitken

Training Resource Specialist

The cross-cultural missions administrative coordinator and training resource specialist serves in administrative and coordinating tasks for the cross-cultural missions director and oversees the promotion and management of training team resources and events.

Sara Alexander

Training Administrative Assistant

The training administrative assistant serves the training team and is specifically focused on the Campus Missionary-in-Training program.

Derek Lynn

Training Team Analyst

The training team analyst facilities research and analyzes results for the refinement and development of new training programs and solutions.

Natalia Lynn

Training Team Coordinator

The training team coordinator coordinates training events and communicates with missionaries on the field to ensure the training team mission aligns with the vision of Chi Alpha.

Ginny Severs

Administrative Coordinator

The administrative coordinator serves the senior director with his daily schedule and travel arrangements, and assists the National Chi Alpha Ministry Center staff as needed.

417-862-2781 ext. 1415

Allison Smith

Re-Entry Specialist

The Re-Entry Specialist creates systems and training to mobilize chi alpha staff and students and prepares international students to re-enter into their home countries, as church planters, apostles, and spirit-filled disciple-makers in the marketplace.

Christina Winters

Training Administrator

The training administrator works on the urgent so the national training director can work on the important.

National Field Specialists

Field specialists support the implementation of the national Chi Alpha program with specific, national assignments that permit them to live and work within or travel outside Springfield, Missouri.

Tyler Shults

XAi Integration Specialist

The XAi Integration Specialist will act as a discipleship trainer to encourage, resource and train students and staff across XA nation to connect with and disciple students from specific cultures.

Matt Herman

Pioneering Specialist

The Pioneering Specialist facilitates the expansion of Chi Alpha’s mission through the training, coaching, and developing of new directors and pioneering teams.

Paul Austin

Pioneering Director

The pioneering director enhances our culture of local group multiplication through resourcing area and district leaders, training, equipping teams, and coaching pioneers.

Belkis Lehmann

Diversity Director

The diversity director drives diversity by helping to create initiatives that equip staff and student leaders, mobilize unsent minorities, and reach Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

Curtis Cole

Campus Access Specialist

The Campus Access Specialist answers questions regarding constitutional issues.

Delyn Cole

Coaching and Support Raising Training Director

The coaching and support raising training director works alongside Chi Alpha’s certified coaches and support raising trainers to raise up fully funded, effective, and healthy missionaries.

Linda Seiler

Applied Theology and Culture Specialist

The Applied Theology and Culture Specialist serves Chi Alpha by engaging cultural moments through Bible teaching, resource development, and field training events.

Jerry Gibson

Local Church Specialist

The national local church specialist is to build and implement a working model for the local church that wishes to establish a Chi Alpha campus ministry on a college or university near the local church insuring the resources of a local church are best utilized and the unique culture of Chi Alpha is infused.

Gregg Glutting

Support Raising Specialist

The support raising specialist coordinates support-raising training and coaching to equip our missionary personnel to achieve and maintain fully funded budgets.

Brian and Mindy Hargett

Missions Mobilization Directors

The missions mobilization directors lead university students to the nations by networking them with Assemblies of God World Missions and is typified by student short-term domestic and foreign trips, graduate give-a-year and pray-about-a-lifetime assignments, and strategic study abroad programs.

Mike Olejarz

Field Specialist

The national field specialist will serve to advance the second career training and provide support raising training and coaching as well as leadership coaching for Chi Alpha missionaries.

Gary Paschal

Conference and Event Specialist

The event and conference specialist serves to plan and resource Chi Alpha gatherings.

Jada Pothina

XAi Operations and Training Specialist

The XAi operations and training specialist develops training content and operational systems to implement the XAi vision of friendship to leadership.

Abby Rodriguez

Training Team Specialist


The training team specialist serves in a coaching capacity with New Director Training participants as well as other missionaries on the field to set up Chi Alpha missionaries with the most success.

Lisa Wilkinson

Marketplace Mobilization Specialist

The marketplace mobilization specialist partners with Chi Alpha groups in the successful launching of alumni into the marketplace to fulfill their purpose in God’s global plan and the coming Great Awakening.

Missi Trask

feedONE Collegiate Coordinator

The feedONE collegiate coordinators educate, resource, and enable Chi Alpha ministries to help their students end childhood hunger in our generation by making feedONE a compassion arm on their campus.

The Guiding Coalition

The Guiding Coalition is a representative national and field leadership group existing to inform, advise, endorse, and ratify actions/decisions of the Executive Ministry Team.

  • Comprised of Springfield directors, area directors, persons nominated to serve, and those elected to serve from each area.
  • Rotating terms apply.
  • Meet one or two times yearly.

Erik Cabrera-Altuzar


Shawndra Lucas

Great Lakes

Rebecca Koster

Great Plains Representative

Sean Waters

South Central Representative

Robbie Anderson

Advancement Director

Alexis Rasmussen

Great Lakes Representative

Jeff Alexander


Mike Amiot

Great Plains Area Director

Jeremy Anderson

West Coast Area Director

Steve Brannan

Great Lakes Area Director

Crystal Burkhart

Pacific Northwest Representative

Stefanie Chappell


Stevens DeJesus

North East Rep

Sarah Fletcher


Dan Guenther

Pacific Northwest Area Director

Kenji Kuriyama

Great Lakes

Severin Lwali


Crystal Martin


Dr. E. Scott Martin


Daniel Miller

Big Sky Area Director
Southern Idaho

Jessica Mumley


Haylee Petrusha

Big Sky Representative

Alex Rodriguez


Michelle Saladino

Great Lakes Rep

Mario Solari

Southeast Area Director
Peninsular Florida, West Florida

Matt Sprenger

Northeast Area Director

Jamil Stell

West Coast Representative

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