National Chi Alpha Ministry Center Staff, Summer 2020

The National Chi Alpha Ministry Center exists to provide the Chi Alpha movement with Apostolic Covering, Prophetic Voice, Keepers of the Trust, Administration, and Bureaucracy.

Executive Ministry Team

E. Scott Martin

Senior National Director

The senior national director of Chi Alpha is the face and voice of Chi Alpha to the campus, Church, and society at large. More photos of Scott and his full bio are available here.

417-862-2781 ext. 1415

Jeff Alexander

People and Health Director

The people and health director facilitates the oversight of personnel and services provided to missionaries and staff through pastoral care.

Stefanie Chappell

Field Director

The national field director of Chi Alpha Campus Ministries is responsible to outline and execute our organizational implementation strategy. More photos of Stefanie and her full bio are available here.

Nathan Cole

Operations Director

The operations director stewards the day-to-day fiscal and human resources of the National Chi Alpha Ministry Center, ensuring alignment with our mission and vision.

417-862-2781 ext. 1432

Harvey Herman

Program Director

The program director supervises the core ministry teams that encompass the national Chi Alpha Programme, i.e., training, personnel, field, and cross-cultural missions teams.

Severin Lwali

XAi Director

The XAi director is the ambassador for international student ministry to Chi Alpha staff, students, and the church at large.

Crystal Martin

Cross-Cultural Missions Director

The national cross-cultural missions director engages students and staff as life-long missional witnesses to cross boundaries of culture, geography, language, nationality, ethnicity, and race. More photos of Crystal and her full bio are available here.

Alex Rodriguez

Training Director

The national training director is responsible to establish the core curricula for staff training, preside over essential staff training events, direct the Campus Missionary-in-Training internship program, and oversee the creation of staff training resources for Chi Alpha Campus Ministries.

Support Staff

Support staff work at the National Chi Alpha Ministry Center in Springfield, Missouri and perform day-to-day ministry duties.

Taylor Albertini

Cross-Cultural Missions and Field Administrative Coordinator

The cross-cultural missions and field administrative coordinator facilitates administrative and ministry responsibilities of the cross-cultural missions director and the field director.

Daniel Aitken

Media Producer

The media producer creates relevant and compelling video content to resource our missionaries and tell the story of Chi Alpha.

Sara Alexander

Training Administrative Assistant

The training administrative assistant serves the training team and is specifically focused on the Campus Missionary-in-Training program.

Emily Bowler

Missionary Personnel & Records Coordinator

The missionary personnel and records coordinator coordinates missions records for appointment, affiliation, and group charters.

417-862-2781 ext. 1435

Mary Hiteman

Office and Project Manager

The office and project manager cultivates the people and processes of the operations and personnel teams.

417-682-2781 ext. 1432

Mandy Howard

XAi Coordinator

The XAi coordinator facilitates the administrative, communication, and ministry responsibilities of the XAi director.

Karissa Jefferson

Media Network Coordinator

The media network coordinator creates and coordinates compelling photography, engaging social media, and dynamic print and digital content that assists missionary, alumni, donor, and student audiences in connecting to Chi Alpha’s vision and mission.

Melanie Lynch

Communications Project Coordinator

The communications project coordinator organizes projects, creates merchandise, and generates both print and digital content that promote and communicate Chi Alpha’s mission to reconcile students to Christ.

417-862-2781 ext. 1419

Derek Lynn

Training Team Analyst

The training team analyst facilities research and analyzes results for the refinement and development of new training programs and solutions.

Natalia Lynn

Training Team Coordinator

The training team coordinator coordinates training events and communicates with missionaries on the field to ensure the training team mission aligns with the vision of Chi Alpha.

Trae Miller

Communications and Marketing Manager

The communications and marketing manager tells the story of Chi Alpha with clarity of voice, cultural and spiritual perspective, and relevant resources.

417-862-2781 ext. 1432

Matt Rojas

Department Finance Specialist

The finance specialist processes all things finance so that the National Chi Alpha Ministry Center can accurately see where we’ve been, carefully watch where we are, and joyfully plan for where we are going in an effort to faithfully steward our God-given resources.

417-862-2781 ext. 1421

Kshitij Sethi (Seth Gordon)

Social Media and Web Assistant

The social media and web assistant stewards Chi Alpha’s presence on the web and social media.

Ginny Severs

Administrative Coordinator

The administrative coordinator serves the senior director with his daily schedule and travel arrangements, and assists the National Chi Alpha Ministry Center staff as needed.

417-862-2781 ext. 1415

National Field Specialists

Field specialists support the implementation of the national Chi Alpha program with specific, national assignments that permit them to live and work within or travel outside Springfield, Missouri.

Paul Austin

Pioneering Director

The pioneering director enhances our culture of local group multiplication through resourcing area and district leaders, training, equipping teams, and coaching pioneers.

Lindsey Banke

Advancement Specialist

The advancement specialist resources Chi Alpha Campus Ministries through the alumni association, mobilizes major donor benefactors through the Chi Alpha Foundation, and pursues additional sources of funding.

Delyn Cole

Coaching and Support Raising Training Director

The coaching and support raising training director works alongside Chi Alpha’s certified coaches and support raising trainers to raise up fully funded, effective, and healthy missionaries.

Curtis Cole

Legal Specialist

The legal specialist serves as an intermediary between the legal challenges arising within our local Chi Alpha campus ministries and the legal agency that serves to protect our religious liberties.

Cynthia Dobbs

Cross-Cultural Missions Resource Specialist

The cross-cultural missions resource specialist creates resources that support initiatives of XAi and Expeditions that help communicate vision and equip staff and students to make disciples of all nations.

Jerry Gibson

Local Church Specialist

The national local church specialist is to build and implement a working model for the local church that wishes to establish a Chi Alpha campus ministry on a college or university near the local church insuring the resources of a local church are best utilized and the unique culture of Chi Alpha is infused.

Gregg Glutting

Support Raising Specialist

The support raising specialist coordinates support-raising training and coaching to equip our missionary personnel to achieve and maintain fully funded budgets.

Brian and Mindy Hargett

Expeditions Directors

The expeditions directors lead university students to the nations by networking them with Assemblies of God World Missions and is typified by student short-term domestic and foreign trips, graduate give-a-year and pray-about-a-lifetime assignments, and strategic study abroad programs.

Hannah Hendricksen

Advancement and Social Media Specialist

The advancement and social media specialist is responsible for implementing marketing and relational strategies into advancement programs, events, and networks; as well as developing and executing social media strategies and marketing material for The World Missions Summit.

Brandon Hurst

Expeditions Teams Mobilizer

The Expeditions team mobilizer inspires, equips, and mobilizes university students to fulfill their role in God’s global plan by mobilizing and coordinating Chi Alpha teams and facilitating connections between Chi Alpha and AGWM.

Belkis Lehmann

Diversity Director

The diversity director drives diversity by helping to create initiatives that equip staff and student leaders, mobilize unsent minorities, and reach Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

Garry Miller

Staff Care Specialist

The national member care specialist oversees the development of Chi Alpha’s staff care network providing preventative and crisis counseling care to our affiliated staff.

Mike Olejarz

Field Specialist

The national field specialist will serve to advance the second career training and provide support raising training and coaching as well as leadership coaching for Chi Alpha missionaries.

Gary Paschal

Conference and Event Specialist

The event and conference specialist serves to plan and resource Chi Alpha gatherings.

Abby Rodriguez

Training Team Specialist


The training team specialist serves in a coaching capacity with New Director Training participants as well as other missionaries on the field to set up Chi Alpha missionaries with the most success.

Dick Schroeder

Spirit Empowerment Specialist, Coach

The spirit empowerment specialist provides resources and coaching to promote spiritual empowerment within Chi Alpha.

Tom and Missi Trask

feedONE Collegiate Coordinators

The feedONE collegiate coordinators educate, resource, and enable Chi Alpha ministries to help their students end childhood hunger in our generation by making feedONE a compassion arm on their campus.

Zac Wilkinson

Marketplace as Mission Specialist

The marketplace as mission specialist partners with Chi Alpha groups in the successful launching of alumni into the marketplace to fulfill their purpose in God’s global plan and the coming Great Awakening.

Lisa York

Healthy Leaders Committee

This member of the healthy leaders committee walks with Chi Alpha missionaries and their families to help them lead healthy lives in order to fulfill their divine purpose.

Paul York

Cross-Cultural Missions Trainer

The cross-cultural missions trainer helps Chi Alpha develop our students’ biblical and cross-cultural disciple-making skills to equip them for success in cross-cultural missions.

To see how these positions fit within the National Chi Alpha Program, please refer to the Chi Alpha Leadership Organizational Matrix below.

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