Vision Statement

We are a Spirit-Empowered, diverse community of believers on university campuses, declaring in word and lifestyle our faith in Jesus Christ, equipped to fulfill our purpose in God’s global plan.

Mission Statement

We reconcile students to Christ, equipping them through Spirit-Filled communities of prayer, worship, fellowship, discipleship and mission to transform the university, the marketplace, and the world.

Five-Fold Approach

We seek to introduce fellow collegians to an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. We plan to do this through…

  1. prayer…Communication with God.
  2. worship…Expressions of thanks through word, music, and service.
  3. fellowship…Community of students developing quality relationships.
  4. discipleship…Learning about Jesus and following His example.
  5. mission…Living a life that reflects our relationship with God in what we say and do.

Core Values

These core values represent Chi Alpha Campus Ministries’ most deeply held beliefs. They serve to guide our decisions, leadership practices, and community life. All our organizational actions will reflect these core values.

1. Community

Community is a covenantal value shaping our mission to the university and our priority to come together for biblically commanded action. The salvation of Jesus offers the forgiveness of sins and the incorporation into the people of God. As a collegiate community we are to be “salt and light” showing to the world what it means to authentically love God and one’s neighbor.

2. Creativity

God is first revealed in Scripture as a creative God. We are committed to achieving commitment that appreciates the proven with an adaptive open eye to what He has in store today and beyond. His Spirit will release to us new ways, ideas, and plans.

3. Diversity

A diverse community reflects a reconciliation of students to Jesus across all campus demographics. Each student possesses unique gifts, and we seek to encourage their full implementation in the community. We also accept diverse methods and approaches to ministry. We celebrate these unique ministry expressions as the demonstration of what God is doing on our campuses and encourage their effective application.

4. Excellence

Striking performance, exceptional virtue, and continuous improvement exemplify excellence. Excellence goes the “second mile” by doing the best possible job. It calls out of us far more than we can possibly imagine. Excellence guides how we make significant choices. It causes us to discover our true God-given capabilities. Excellence depicts our approach to leadership, work, organization, and our life together.

5. Integrity

Integrity describes the state of sound moral uprightness. It is characterized by honesty, truthfulness, respect, and sincerity. Integrity in its simplest biblical definition means wholeness or completeness. Integrity invites oneself into a partnership with the Holy Spirit. This fosters an atmosphere of credibility and plausibility among those to whom we minister and within our communities on campus. Integrity promotes long-term success.

6. Servant-Leadership

Servant-leadership is a practice that places the good of those led and their progressive maturity over the self-interest of the leader. It shares power and status for the sake of the common good of each individual and the community. Its chief motive is to serve-first, as opposed to lead-first. The final goal is to empower others to become servants themselves.

Why Reach Students?

To connect with individuals who would not otherwise encounter a biblical message of Jesus Christ. A high percentage of those deciding to become followers of Christ though the efforts of students and staff in Chi Alpha have had no previous exposure to the gospel of Jesus or a Christian church.

To impact our world’s most influential institution, the college and university campus. The social, scientific, and spiritual theories of today’s campuses will become the accepted norm for tomorrow’s grade schools, businesses and television programs. What America is and what it will become is directly related to what happens on its university campuses. As a nation’s campuses go, so goes the future of the nation.

To reach the more than one million international students studying in the United States. Historically, we see an increase in the blessing of God when we focus on reaching the peoples of the world. George Barna says international student ministry is an “opportunity of a lifetime.” International students speak English, want to make American friends, and want to learn about our culture and our religion. These students are at our doorstep.

To protect the investment that the Church has made in our youth. An education at a Bible or Christian college is a great choice for many students. However, a significantly higher number of Christian youth will attend a secular college or university. The Church invests too much time, money, and prayer in its youth to not protect and empower that investment during the critical transitions from home to campus and the campus to the marketplace.

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