What are you going to do with the information from the census and assessment?

The information is utilized to help national, area, and district leadership understand where we are so we can plan where we want to go.

When does the assessment open and close?

The Assessment opens the same day as the Census, April 21. Semester schools have until May 31st and quarter schools have until June 30th to submit their Assessments. Assessments can be completed as soon as the campus Census is submitted.

Can I submit the assessment before the census?

No, the census is to be submitted first as you will need some answers from the census to complete the assessment.

How do I find the Assessment?

The link can be found in the confirmation email you receive after submitting your Census. If you cannot find the email with the link, check your junk mail. If it is still not present, contact [email protected] for assistance.

How do I use the census information to help me fill out the assessment?

Meet with your staff team (or selected student leaders) to fill out the Assessment together. Some of the questions in the Assessment will ask you to refer to your Census results. Use the PDF emailed to you with the answers from your Census in the Ministry Metrics section to answer those questions.

What if we chartered at the beginning of the year but no longer have a recognized group on campus?

Please submit your Census and Assessment based on your experience on campus as a chartered group even though you are no longer recognized on campus. You can notate at the end of your Census that your group is no longer recognized on campus.

What if I am in year zero and not meeting on campus yet?

If you chartered the group, please fill out a Census and Assessment. You can notate at the end of your Census that you were in year zero.

If I am on more than one campus, can I fill out one census and assessment for all the campus groups?

If you are chartered on two or more groups, please do not combine your Censuses or Assessments together. We need each reported separately as it will prevent the results from being distorted.

What if our campuses meet for one large group meeting?

Do your best to estimate how many students come from each campus to your combined large group meeting. Do not record the same students on multiple Censuses.

My semester isn't over yet. What do I do about large and small group attendance numbers?

Please use the average attendance rates in your Census based on the year so far.

I didn’t receive an email when I submitted my census or assessment. What do I do?

If you did not receive the email, please check your junk/spam folder. Because the email is automatically generated, it may be flagged. If you still cannot find the email [email protected].

I am not sure how to answer a question on the census or assessment. Who can help me get clarity?

Contact your District or Area Director.

I am having technical difficulties with the census or assessment. Who do I contact for help?

Contact us at [email protected].

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