Look carefully and see if you can find Gregg Glutting and/or Jeff Alexander.

Gregg Glutting, Chi Alpha National Support Raising Specialist, and I had the privilege of participating in the Full Sail Support Raising Leaders Conference. The goal of the conference was to help shape culture, build infrastructure, elevate training, and multiply coaching within organizations to see all future and veteran staff fully funded in their ministries, so we can all send more missionaries to the field and keep more missionaries on the field.

One of the pillars in Support Raising Training is Scott Morton. Scott serves as International Funding Coach for The Navigators and is the author of Funding Your Ministry. We give out his book as a part of our candidate missionary training. Gregg and I had the privilege of having lunch with Scott and talking to him about the importance of being fully funded. I would like to share this article by Scott with our Chi Alpha family to encourage us to pursue fully funded financial health as missionaries.

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