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As Christians, we all know we should give in every area of our lives: our time, talents, and treasure. It’s not a question of whether or not to give—what matters is the reason why we give.

In 1 Chronicles 29, David understood giving makes an eternal impact, “We are here for only a moment… gone so soon without a trace.” David embraced the fact that we are temporary and what lasts are those things that become part of God’s omniscience. David gave everything so God would be glorified long after he was gone.

David also understood that giving brings joy, both to the Lord and to the giver. Studies have shown there is a direct connection between generosity and happiness. The medicine for a generation that struggles to be happy can be found in giving.

Our Heavenly Father experiences so much pride and joy in His children when we willingly give because we’re becoming who we were created to be: a reflection of Him.

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