In the original language, the main verb of the Great Commission is not “Go.” The word “go” is a supporting verb–something you do to help get the main job done. Instead, the main verb is the command “Make Disciples of All Nations.” Jesus told us to make a personal discipleship bridge to unsaved people from other cultures, and he expects us to actually do it!

The people in our generation who live without any Christian contact don’t need a handout from the Christian world. They need a disciple-maker.

Hussein is a businessman in the Middle East. As he works to feed his family, he quietly wonders about his longing to know God. Allah never wants to know him!

Bimta is a Buddhist in Asia. She tries not to love her little children so much, because she knows love and desire only lead to suffering. She exists stoically, hoping that her painful existence will completely cease one day.

Tomasz is a Czech atheist university student. Outwardly he scorns religious people. He never admits the dissatisfied longing for something more that he feels deep in his heart.

These three just need to know a true Christian. They need someone they can see and talk to who has personal experiences with God. They need to meet the God who interacts with people on ordinary days. They need to see what it looks like to read the Bible and to pray.

Chi Alpha is committed to mobilizing a generation of disciple-makers to work together in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). We need to consider living with other people groups, making friends for Jesus, and showing them what it means to know and obey God.

Make Disciples of All Nations!
…in order to do that, Go where you need to go;
Baptize anyone who wants to follow me;
and Teach Obedience to everyone you can.
If you do this, you can know one thing for sure:
I Will Always Be With You–until the very end!

– Jesus, King of the Nations

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